Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Going for further studies

My husband and I just came back from visiting our friend the Imam. The Imam and his family will be going to Yemen tomorrow. He is going to further his studies in Hadiths.I respect individuals like him, who has the thirst for knowledge. They will go on searching for knowledge eventhough they are senior in age.Some young people do not even want to finish their first degree.The love for knowlege must be instilled in our children at a young age. One of the ways is to show respect to people who are knowledgable or 'alim.We should respect the person for his knowledge.My husband and I have sent our children to faraway places for the sake of knowledge and will continue to do so in the future, insya-Allah.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Welcome to my blog

Today I would like to welcome mak Lang & co to my blog. Haven't heard from Intan, Ja, Neh, Ali and the rest yet.Yes will be back at kampung on 1st june,InsyaAllah. You all are welcomed to the makan as well. My clan will not follow me back as they have their own plans. Kin & Amal will be working, Z and Ida are attending to the horses, Yana and Lia will not be back till August.Alan and Kecik will be attending tuitions.Ally is somewhere in transit. Today is the beginning of our holidays as we have sent off our students back with their parents. Our school will reopen on the 10th june, students will be back at the hostel on 9th june. Till then, Happy Vacation to me and husband.

Monday, 28 May 2007

The weather is gloomy today

Hello guys! The weather in klang valley today is gloomy and it rained in the afternoon.I am grateful for the rain for two reasons; one is that it cools the atmosphere, second it saves me from watering the plants.(have you noticed the water bill lately?) However this kind of weather makes Mak Long moody and unhappy. Luckily she is not in P.J. today. Mak Long has gone back to her kampung. She was asking me why Mak Lang & co has not visited her lately. I told her maybe they are busy, so I told her to drive and visit them instead. Mak Long replied she could drive but she could not remember the road to any of the houses that she wish to visit.Poor Mak Long!!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Invitation sent out

I have sent out the invitation for the makan (a get together of old friends and kampungmates) at mak's house for the 3rd jun o7 through Mak Tam. Today I received feedback from Mak Tam that not many can come. The reason being some of our friends had gone to stay elsewhere with their children, quite a number had passed away, some are very ill (very sad), and many are involved in weddings dos of relatives somewhere (now being the wedding season). All in all I will be expecting around 15 people. That will do, I told Mak Tam.Now for the rest of you who have not been invited by Mak Tam, just call to say you are coming. I have ordered special food from 'Dapur Bersih'. There will be laksam utara, onde-onde, serawa durian with pulut and cucok udang. It will be fun meeting some of the old geng again. I am really looking forward to this occassion!

Friday, 25 May 2007

2nd Day on the blog

Hello! this is my 2nd day on the blog. It is a very hot day today in the early afternoon, however it rained later, very much to my relief. I am planning to go back to my kampung in the north during the coming school holidays. I will have a small makan and will be inviting my old friends (kampungmates), playmates, neighbours and anak buah. We shall talk about old times and I am sure it will be fun.I am collecting materials for my new novel which will have the setting of my kampung during my childhood days. So all of you who are relevant are welcome. At the moment I haven't set the date yet.I shall do that soon.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Hello! New kid on the blog.

Hello! I am the new kid (mak cik) on the blog. I have just turned 55 yesterday and the creation of this blog is a birthday present from my son. Sorry Kak Teh, I do not copy your name. I am actually known as Mak Teh to all my anak buah (nephews and nieces).
As I have turned 55, I feel a new kind of maturity, having come to terms with myself for the things I have achieved and not achieved in my life so far.I love writing and so far has written 2 published books. Ihope to have more of my work published in the future. Of course I want to be active on the blog.I will have more things to write tomorrow. See you soon, bye.