Sunday, 27 May 2007

Invitation sent out

I have sent out the invitation for the makan (a get together of old friends and kampungmates) at mak's house for the 3rd jun o7 through Mak Tam. Today I received feedback from Mak Tam that not many can come. The reason being some of our friends had gone to stay elsewhere with their children, quite a number had passed away, some are very ill (very sad), and many are involved in weddings dos of relatives somewhere (now being the wedding season). All in all I will be expecting around 15 people. That will do, I told Mak Tam.Now for the rest of you who have not been invited by Mak Tam, just call to say you are coming. I have ordered special food from 'Dapur Bersih'. There will be laksam utara, onde-onde, serawa durian with pulut and cucok udang. It will be fun meeting some of the old geng again. I am really looking forward to this occassion!


  1. Mummy, I googled the net for your name today. Banyak jugak outcome, nearly 63..:) and there's a lady who's written in her blog that she met you at the Bookfair. She gave some really good comments about your book "101 Malaysian Anecdotes". Maybe you can check her blog its at and its under the May 4th entry.:)Free publicity.:)
    Maybe you can drop her a line. She'll be very much surprised that the "mak cik" she met, now has a blog. Dah tech-savy.:)

  2. oh my God!
    it's really you! oh dear!
    so what should i called you? i think in blogland i shall call you mak the way, Happy Belated 55th Birthday, Allah Bless and Rahmatullah be with you always, InsyaAllah.

    It is good that you have initiate the blog, and oh, what's the other book that you've written? and I really hope that you will come out with new book in the future. Me & hubby really enjoyed the 101 Malaysian Anecdotes.

    Happy Holiday and Makan with your kampungmates! I could see my name among the dishes. *chuckle*