Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Welcome to my blog

Today I would like to welcome mak Lang & co to my blog. Haven't heard from Intan, Ja, Neh, Ali and the rest yet.Yes will be back at kampung on 1st june,InsyaAllah. You all are welcomed to the makan as well. My clan will not follow me back as they have their own plans. Kin & Amal will be working, Z and Ida are attending to the horses, Yana and Lia will not be back till August.Alan and Kecik will be attending tuitions.Ally is somewhere in transit. Today is the beginning of our holidays as we have sent off our students back with their parents. Our school will reopen on the 10th june, students will be back at the hostel on 9th june. Till then, Happy Vacation to me and husband.


  1. salam...i would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the "gerek" world of blogging!

    and all the best with ur books!

  2. mom..my name is not ida....hehehe..
    and i might follow you back..who knows,you might need and extra hand or two...

  3. welcome to the blogging world, mak teh!!
    Jangan lupa advertise kat sini bila novel makteh dah dipublish, ok?