Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Going for further studies

My husband and I just came back from visiting our friend the Imam. The Imam and his family will be going to Yemen tomorrow. He is going to further his studies in Hadiths.I respect individuals like him, who has the thirst for knowledge. They will go on searching for knowledge eventhough they are senior in age.Some young people do not even want to finish their first degree.The love for knowlege must be instilled in our children at a young age. One of the ways is to show respect to people who are knowledgable or 'alim.We should respect the person for his knowledge.My husband and I have sent our children to faraway places for the sake of knowledge and will continue to do so in the future, insya-Allah.


  1. if i were to further my studies i'd like to become a teacher, i mean a fully qualified teacher and also i'd really like to learn seomthing to do with crafts and needles.

  2. Dear Onde2, I thought you are already a qualified teacher.

  3. i took some sort of courses and was qualified for that specific program only but am not qualified as in having degree in education or the like :)