Wednesday, 31 October 2007

My Pet Bird, Polly the Parrot

I have a beautiful pet bird, named polly the parrot. Her feathers are bright red, lined with purple,blue and touch of sea green. She is my loyal companion when I am alone at home when the children are away. I really appreciate her presence during such lonely times. Now, She has been with me for the last 3 years. The story of how I came to own her is rather amazing; One night three years ago I was feeling lonely and depressed. Some misfortunes had befallen me that I was wondering whether Allah still loves me. At that time, the bigger children were away, the younger ones were asleep and my husband was sleeping in our bedroom. I was alone watching tv not really watching any programme in particular. Then I saw a programme about a person who had trained her beautiful african grey parrot to do some clever antics. I was very impressed and told my husband that I wanted him to buy me such a pet. As my husband was sleeping he just mumbled something like "mmmm..ok ! ". However for the next 3 days he did not make any attempt to present me with a parrot. On the third day something amazing happened. Out of nowhere a beautiful parrot flew into our garden and and perched on a low branch. When we saw it we were surprised and were gawking at its beauty. My husband quickly and carefully caught it by hand and called me to take an empty bird cage in the store. while he was holding the captured bird, it's sharp beak caught hold of his thumb and ngawed it till it bled. As quickly as possible the bird was put into a small old bird's cage. We were so surprised and elated at the present sent to me by the Most Gracious and All knowing who had listen and answered my doubts! I had interpreted the incident as Allah has always loved me and I shouldn't have any doubt about that no matter what has befallen me as He loves all His servants. I then realized that Allah had given me so much that even my wish for a parrot has been granted. Alhamdulillah! I must not forget that and should always give thanks to Him. The next day my husband and I went to KL to buy Polly a big beautiful golden cage. She has been in the cage for the last three years until 2 months ago Yanna who was on holiday from cairo, managed to tame her and brought her out of the cage. She really had a way with the bird, and 'manja' the bird until Polly could sleep in her lap or in the nooks of her arm. So when Yanna left for Cairo 2 weeks ago Polly was like a crazy bird wanting to come out of her cage but she would snap our fingers if we try to touch her. So Polly nowadays will only be let out occassionally when my husband dont mind risking her sharp beak! Oh yes, Polly calls me "Aaaaak!" (Mak)with her piercing "voice" whenever she sees me or when she wants my attention. She can also call Zed with this sound mimicking others, "aa aaag Aaaat" (abang Jat)and calls my husband "aaa aaak" (bapak). Amazingly Polly would be quite when we perform our prayers the solat but she'll murmur a soft 'ameen' when we say our doa after the solat! Amazing isn't it?

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  1. MasyaAllah! it is amazing indeed! Polly is indeed flown away to you and carry Allah's blessing with her! Rasa nak tengok je Polly tu :) Boleh "amin'kan doa tu yang amazing tu..there's so many things to learn here. Animal pun berdoa pada Allah, apalagi kita ni, lebih2 lagi patutnya..and to always say our thanx to Allah, sabar bila di uji

    Sometimes, when we depressed our minds started to be funny and thinking weirdly, I am sure as steadfast Muslimah, Allah won't let you down. Bukankah kita diuji tu tanda kita di sayangi Allah? Kadang2 I rasa takut kalau baru je di"anugerah"kan rezeki and happiness, takut je tiba-tiba ada duka pulak yang datang selepasnya.

    InsyaAllah, mudah2an kita semua akan dirahmati Allah sentiasa..please include this beautiful piece of story in your next book!