Friday, 2 November 2007

Flowers In My Gadern And The Bees In My Hive

Assalamualaikum! Alhamdulillah today I'm feeling good as my health is improving. So I feel like writing this entry to share with you something. In my gadern, there are 5 flowers of which 4 are blooming and in my hive there are 4 macho bees of which two are ready to buzz away. For sometime now I have been waiting for suitable bees to approach my gadern but up till now there's no sign of the bees yet. So I turn my attention to my next job is to look for suitable flowers for my bees. And believe me its not an easy task! Fortunately after 2 years on the prowl and looking around I recently saw a flower which looks and smells ok to me. She is of a good local variety, though the origin is not local its close enough. Our establishment and the responding side will be having a prelimenary meeting soon before the Big Negotiation begins. In the meantime we all pray that things will work out well and we will have a happy ending. As for the flowers in my gadern, I am still looking out to the horizon praying that one of these days some good specimen will come by ! He, he, he. Write to me if you think of some possiblities but have little guts to come flying by! Just be sincere and honest and of course of the acceptable variety !

1 comment:

  1. wah wah..looks like youare playing matchmaker in your garden!

    the last time I ventured into gardening was almost 3 and half years back! now i don't have the motivation to start back the hobby (have very little knowledge actually) as we are renting!

    if your pak haji putih willing to divulge his secret on gardening, barulah seronok nak mula gardening..hehehehe..

    best of luck in matchmaking! and I also pray for the happy ending of The Big Negotiation - whatever it may be.