Saturday, 6 December 2008

The Excitement Begins


Today, I woke up early in the morning with feeling of excitement in the air. The house soon start to buzz with activities. This in the first weekend where all the children are at home ready to do chores with their father and me. Yes! we are stepping up our preparation for the Big Day, akmal's wedding which will be on the 12th December for the Akad nikah and 13th December, reception on girl's side and 14th december reception on our side.

Lia flying back from Jordan will arrive in Klia at 2.30 pm today and Yanna from Cairo will arrive at 9.00 pm today. We are a little bit sad that Ally is not able tobe with us, he is in Cairo attending to his studies. Yanna reported that Ally was feeling down when he realized he could not come back for amal's wedding. Nevertheless I had promised him that after his exam in late January, he may come back to be with us for 2 weeks.

Meantime I have assigned duties to all my children. That has been the way with our family when facing with important events. Zed will fetch Lia from tha airport, Amal will fetch Yanna. Zed is incharge of housekeeping and presentation, amal will take care of the sign boards and lightings. Kin and Ude will take care or Barang Hantaran and the Pelamin and bridal chamber, bunga telur ang clothings for all members of the family. My duty will be the guests list, the canopy and the food. Pak haji's duty due to his present health condition, will be the Director and chief-supervisor for all activities. You could hear his voice now and then directing us to do this and that! Not that we follow everything he says! Hehehe!

Today starting at 10 am, we are expecting applicants to arrive for the interview for our school new intake for year 2009. I do not know how many will turn up but I do expect quite a number. So I must go and get ready now before they turn up. Bye for now.........


  1. bestnya ada anak ramai..
    boleh assign tugas..
    kalau anak sikit, susah kan..
    kena lah mintak tolong orang

    ingat lagi baru ni kami buat kenduri,
    letihnya lah rasa sebab kakitangan tak ramai..
    berkejar kesana kemari...

    semoga Amal selamat menempuh gerbang perkahwinan dan kenduri berjalan lancar.. Ameen...

  2. It seems that you and pak haji still busy (but that's good)..

    SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA TO YOU, PAK HAJI AND ALL THE FAMILY. We shall be celebrating aidiladha in K.Kangsar, insyaAllah. Esok pagi balik.

    Di doakan semoga majlis besar nanti berjalan lancar! Ameen.

  3. Salam..Wah makin bz dan ceria lah rumah Mak Teh!!! Semoga semuanya berjalan lancar!

  4. Salam,

    All the best with the kenduri. Just to inform you that my handphone kena curi. So, had to change my number to 0135313020. Please sms on monday night. I lost your number.


  5. Semoga semua persiapan untuk menerima menantu berjalan lancar Mak Teh!
    Kirim salam kat Yana :)

  6. salam,

    Haraps meuanya turned out very well dan meriah ..maaf tak dapat hadir kerana kena bergegas kembalik ke kemaman Izzat ada camping . salam pada Alia , hari ni nak jumpa sebentar dengan Puteri rakan Alia yang balik cuti sama alia dari Jordan .

    Makteh dan Pak Haji kena rehat lepas ni...kumpul tenaga untuk 2009 !!