Thursday, 7 June 2007

Hi ! I'm back home.

Hi! Im back home, my sweet & simple home. I was back in my kampung, 10 km from Alor Setar for the last few days. It was lovely meeting the old folks who still remember the sight of little me running around the village. There were obout 20 guests that appointed sunday at mak's house. We talked of those days, the happy memories of our young days. We all laughed as Pak Uniong related some of the comical incidents that happened in our chilhood. There were Tok Lang, Mak Mek and Kak Yah present.The oldest resident present was 95 years old Mak Bu. She's the last of grandma's batch being 12 years younger than grandma. Grandma died 26 years ago. Mak was happy to meet her pupils Kak An & Kak Doyah. She taught them Quran some 50 years ago. Mak had taught hundreds of pupils over a span of 6o years. The next day husband & I did a tour of the kampung. I was sad to see my old playground is no more the same, empty & quiet. Where is Idah, Posah, Non, Miyah, Ani, Immah, Noraini & the rest?

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