Friday, 23 November 2007

Of Dengue Fever And Convocation!

These days in Shah Alam, the authorities has declared WAR with the mosquitoes. Every evening the MBSA does the fumingation.The fog is so thick that you may think that we are at war! Danger! Danger!Dengue fever is on the rise. On our road, almost every other house had a case of dengue. In my house the first victim was Kin. Luckily,she had it not too bad and after a week she recovered. Then Aly became the second victim that was a week ago. After 3 days of suffering I took him to the local Pusat Kesihatan! Aly had it real bad!His blood pletlet count was 200, the next day 150 and the 5th day we went again for the blood test it went down to 76!It was then considered alarming by the doctors at the government's Pusat Kesihatan that they decided that he should be hospitalised. It was at 2 pm when we were referred to Klang hospital. We rushed to the hospital through the Emergency Entrance, however upon arrival we were asked to register and to wait for another examination. It seemed that the hospital was full and they were not sure to admit Aly until they would examine him again. The waiting made me upset and I decided to take my son home, to take him to a private clinic later. Since he had not been able to consume any food or water because he vomitted several times and he also had 'cirit birit'. I was concerned that he was dehydrated and I asked whether Doc at the private clinic could give him a drip. Doc said she could do so but on reading the low pletlet count adviced that Aly be hospitalised. She kindly made several phone calls to see if any of the hospital would be able to admit my son and that was at 8.30 pm. She found out that Hospital Sungai Buluh, Selayang and anorther were full. Then she phoned somebody at Hospital Putra Jaya said that they would be able to admit my son. Feeling a little relief we drove as fast as possible to Putra Jaya. We arrived at the hospital about 9.30 pm. Alas when we went to the emergency admission, the attendant said that no way my son could be admitted straight away. Aly had to endure another painful proceedure of drawing blood for the blood test! And all this while from morning Aly was weak, in pain and could hardly sit! The attendant informed us that they will only admit him if the blood test, show the pletlet count below 50! You can imagine our frustration! I then begged the attendant to give my son a drip. He obliged and put Aly in the emergency section temporary bed. They then gave him a 500 ml drip. By then we were tired,hungry and sleepy. Aly was sleeping when we decided to go out to find food but at nearly midnight we could not find any food to buy in Putra Jaya. As we were contemplating what to do next, my daughter who was at Aly's bedside called us to say that Ally has been discharged by the doctor! His pletlet count had risen to 80! So we happily took him home, bought some Mc Dees before arriving home 12.30 am. AND the next morning was Ude's Convocation! I was too tired that I was reluctant to go. However thinking that it was Ude's BIG DAY, I decided to go after all! Of course I was happy to be witness Ude receiving her scroll for a Degree in Interior Architecture! We are proud of her achievement and patintly waited to be photographed with YB Tan Sri who had earlier handed Ude her scroll. Wow! What a busy Week! Alhamdulillah Aly is getting better though not fully recovered yet.


  1. Mak Teh
    Hope Kin has fully recovered from her dengue fever and you've had your rest. Please convey my congrats to Ude on getting her degree in architecture.

    Looks like there are 2 architects in the family now and in no time they might be designing a new house for their mummy, kut?

  2. kesian aly. I hope he feels better now.
    And I'm sure Ude appreciated your presence on her big day very much :)

  3. Alhamdulillah! Kin has fully recovered from her dengue fever. And yes syukur we have 2 architects now in the family and they are working in the same firm in KL. We are hoping to add to the family an accountant. The architects have no time to design a house for their mummy. They are too busy!

  4. Dear elisa, how are you keeping? Alhamdulillah Aly is better now. Gone to the movies, I think. Yes Ude appreciate our presence at her Convocation. Between Ude and her brother Zed, that was the 5th time I attended their convocation at UITM. Thats why I was a bit reluctant to go at first considering I was too tired!