Thursday, 29 November 2007

It's A Still Grey Morning

Assalamualaikum! Hello you people out there! Are you experiencing what I am experiencing right now? The weather this morning is very still and grey. There's no wind or breeze blowing and the sunlight is blocked by a very thick blanket of fog in the sky. I could not see the clouds or any patch of blue sky, I could only see a very grey sky. The atmosphere gives a rather unpleasant feeling! I fear that there is something happening. I always have a fear of calamities like the Tsunami, the volcanic eruption or something like that is going to happen when I experience this kind of atmosphere. Remember the two years ago December Tsunami? There were signs that some big calamity was going to happen. Animals have six sense and know it earlier than us human beings. When I look at the sky, I have the feeling that there is a volcanic eruption somewhere nearby. May the Almighty helps us and save us from danger and disaster!And He the AllKnowing knows when to punish his creations! May we be protected from God's wrath! May we always do the right thing that He expects of us as His faithful servants! Ameen!


  1. Ameen to you do'a. May all of us be protected from the Al-Mighty's wrath and punishment. Off late, memang macam "doomed" aje cuaca. Na'uzubillah..

    I see that I missed two cups of tea - dah sejuk "gedi" dah tea tu..hehehehe baru nak "minum"

    First, Alhamdulillah and Congratulations to your anak2 - Ude and Husna. My 12 yo sister is also enrolling into Science Tahfiz back in my hometown - something similar like MTAQSA.

    Among my two elder kids, Faeqah shows much more interest to Al-Quran compared to her elder sister. Kalau tak suruh pun, she will still recite Al-Quran each nite and she normally recites zikir after solat and religiously reciting long prayer before she went to bed. Kakak dia kalau ada mood baru dia buat. My husband cakap kat I, Faeqah ni nanti nak jadi ustazah kot. I Ameen to that.

    The younger ones tu belum boleh tengok lagi minat kat mana, but insyaAllah we are quiding them as best as we can for them to love and menghayati Al-Quran.

    With two architects in the house, they can someday hand-in-hand set up their own company!

    Thanx for your ingatan on acar buah :) Sebok betul lately - this coming saturday pun full jugak. See if we can squeeze the time, I will let you know.

    Excuse me for the long comments - 3 in 1 punya comment :)

  2. Alhamdulillah! I know you are a good parent. InsyaAllah your children will come out well in life and akhirat as well. If you guide from young like what you are doing now, you will not have any regrets in the future. Do not worry about the expenses that you incurr in doing so because after all He is the Provider!