Tuesday, 20 November 2007

It's A Cool Morning!

Hello everybody! Today I'm experiencing a very cool morning here in the Klang valley. As I am typing this, cool breeze blows into my upstairs hall cum work area. I was thinking what to do this morning when suddenly I remembered that I had not been updating my blog entry. My friend Maz had commented on this while we were chatting at my house few days ago. I was suprised that she has been following my blog. Then the other day one of my staff made the same comment and told me that he is one of the silent reader too. Thank you all of you silent readers out there, if you all had made known to me that you are following my blog then may be I would have been more 'rajin' and would have made more frequent entries. I am quite pleased today having completed a big task last night, ie I had successfully made a big pot of 'acar buah' again. This time,I had made it because I had promised a friend who had made a confession that she simply loved my acar buah which she said she had licked to the last drop. So when she announced that she will be going to Makkah, I spontaneously announced that I will make the acar buah for her to take along! After many days contemplating at last my mission is completed. Today I will send a big tub to her, Insya Allah.
Talking about going to Makkah, I had made the pilgramage with my husband nearly 20 years ago. I could recall the years easily because during that pilgrimage I was carrying Yanna in my womb and Yanna is now 19 years old! Many would ask how could I be pregnant when doing the Haj? Tabung Haji would not have allowed that! Yes! but this was years ago when people like me who had dreamed of carry a baby while doing the Haj could beat the authorities' rulings! I was he, he, clever, I got pregnant after the Tabung Haji Tests! Those days they made the tests months ahead before the Haj, he, he he. So I was six months pregnant with Yanna when doing the Haj. And mind you it wasn't easy.My worst fear was being crushed in the crowd or stampede.The best part was I had no period problem to disrupt my ibadah, then also I my doa for the baby I was carrying makbul in many aspects. Alhamdulillah all's well that ends well. May my friends who are embarking on the Haj be safe and obtain a Haj Mabrur so that when they come back they will be a better person. Ameen!


  1. Alhamdulillah dapat haji mabrur..mudah2an we too will be heading to tanah suci soon too, pray for us..

    memang sedap acar buah tu! hope you are not tired after making big pots of acar buah!

    I saw a new mqtsa's add in Anis latest issue! I am praying my kids will be heading to that direction and mudah2an we shall be granted a rezqi tu support them.

    It's good to have a cup of morning tea again!

  2. Assalamualaikum Mak Teh,
    After being a silent follower of your blog, decided today that I should post my comments today. Happy to note that you are back. Hope to read more about what's going on even though I'll be away in Labuan from 1st December. Will definitely miss your acar buah and your laksa Johor/Kedah.

  3. Dear OO, since you love my acar buah you will get a sample bottle soon or when you have time come and collect it. InsyaAllah when you niat to go for Hajj, Allah will provide you the rezeki. I will try to blog when time permits. Tq for being a loyal follower, making it your cup of tea.

    Dear Maz, thank you for coming out of your silence! Really appreciate that. As a good friend, I am quite sad that you'll be going to reside in Labuan. But I know I have to let you spread you wings. Go friend, go spread your wings and do the things that you like to do. Tepuk dada tanya selera. When you are tired of Labuan come back to Shah Alam and we will jog together again. There's a bottle of acar buah for you too. It has been my intention even before your comment that a bottle is for you. Thank you friend and I wish you all the best.