Thursday, 2 August 2007

English Again?

It is Thursday again and Thursday means I have an English class to teach. Yes, today I will teach my class grammar (tenses), just the way my teacher, old Miss Lee had taught me when I was in lower secondary school. This method of teaching will ensure that you will never forget your table of tenses. The table will have coloums of present tense, present continous, past tense, past continous, future tense and future continous and past perfect. He, he, I will have fun grilling them and making sure they will never forget the correct tenses when making their sentences! To some people this may sound boring but to me it is very interesting. Learning to use the correct tenses is the foundation of good English. A lot of reading, some writing, and the frequent use of the language in daily conversations will make you at par with the English speaking people.
Ok, now it's time for me to get ready for my English class, interested? You are welcome to join me in the class. Then my students will be able to practise their English by asking you questions or answering yours! Maassalamah! Illaliqo' (Arabic for good bye)

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  1. my grammar dah berkarat, malu jer nak attend kelas nanti kena tanya i cannot answer!