Monday, 20 August 2007

Travelling Together

Hello guys! I was not able to blog last week because my computer was down with some virus ! Many things happened last week including my two children are back for the holidays. In few hours time, we will be heading north to visit their grandmother. We plan to be in Kedah for 3 days then we will be travelling east to Kota Bahru. There are a few things to be done and some friends to visit. I hope the weather will be good for our journey.
When the children were young, we used to travel as one family, all the eleven of us together in our Pajero and we loved that. However these days, to do that kind of travelling is quite impossible! First, it is such a rare occassion that we could all be together. Secondly we have to drive a bus if we were to travel in a group. With the children all grown and the luggage they would take along, you can imagine the size of the group! Few years back we managed to travel to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where we did the Umrah together. The children loved the experience that they planned to meet the same way in the future when they could all get together. We did not have much problem travelling and holidaying together because from small our children had been trained doing that. As such they would always take care of each other on journeys or vacations, big sister or brother would take care of the younger ones. However it's me who would keep counting the heads so as not to lose anyone!


  1. hope all of you having fun during the family gathering - it's one of the best thing in life when all of the family members gather to meet up and keep other members updated with their recent happening in lives!

    not to mention the makan-makan too!

  2. Selamat bercuti bersama keluarga. Bestlah Mak Teh, your kids are back.

    By the way, I minta maaf sebab pinjam gambar acar buah u in my N3 without your permission.

  3. Salam Mak Teh ...

    Selamat Bercuti ...