Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Once I Had A Sister

Once I had a sister,
Not of the same mother,
We adopted each other'
Coz we don't share the same father,
She's two years my senior.

In school we are always together,
Best of friends we were,
And we adored each other,
Happiness and sorrow we did share,
Never did we bicker.

Schooldays were soon over,
Separate ways did we go,
We had family and career,
Not many days we did see each other,

Then came the sad news,
She suffered from cancer!
Much sufferings did she endure,
six years she did linger,
(She did all her ibadah during the six years)

There were no tears between us,
just looked at each other,
Until few days before her departure,
(I could not stand it anymore)
Tears spilled all over,
There were no words to mutter!
I received the sad news.. two days later,
It was all over!
(She was only forty-two)

Now it has been fifteen years since,
the day she departed,
In my heart she's never been away,
Her smile as bright as the day,
Her face as fresh as the morning dew,
I still remember our teen age years,
When in sadness I turned to her,
And to this day I still do!


  1. alamak, this is soo sad!
    but I am sure the memories still linger! and much cherished!

  2. sad but heartfelt warmth at the same time.

  3. OO, and moshimoshi, she was the best of friend and a sister as well. The two of us really clicked ! It was a special relationship. We had a likeness in features that teachers commented as such and thought we were sisters. Thats how it started. To make matter 'worse', her father looked like my late father (at that time my father had passed away). So I felt special if I went to sleep over at her house and her mother was so kind to me. She had a brother away working and no sister at that time while I had too many! So you could imagine the special bondage we had.

  4. you can write a novel based on that.

  5. OO, thats a marvelous idea. I could dedicate the novel to her and it would make a beautiful 'novel remaja'. Lovely ! thank you.

  6. Mak Teh,
    Sedihlah baca ni...

    It sure would be nice to have such a sister.

  7. tak ada gantinya ye makteh...

    tq makteh...

  8. Mamamia and mak lang, kalau di ingatkan memang sedih dan memang tidak ada gantinya. Perkara yang dihantar itu sedikit sahaja. Terima kasih kembali!