Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The Smell of Home

Hello guys! Sorry that my blog for today appear late. I was busy this morning with Bahasa Melayu class and Public Speaking class. The Public Speaking class? Yes, I made the students recite poetry and sing patriotic songs in front of the class to loosen up their nerves! Then I started them on delivering a Tazkirah, today's tazkirah's topic "Pentingnya Solat Lima Waktu" . They had a fun time delivering the mock tazkirah. During classes like these it's my voice that suffers because I had to raise my voice so as to make them speak loudly and clearly! Today's Public Speaking was in Bahasa Melayu. We will alternate it with English. Next year they will have to do it in Arabic as well.
Hey, What's that? I can smell something! Oh, my tea is ready! Why of course it is the smell of cempedak goreng! Hmmmm it has that lovely sweet fragrance that makes you want to eat it now! So I have to end this blog and go for my tea and 'cucoq' cempedak. Apparently it's cempedak season and Alhamdulillah our dusun produce a bumper harvest this year. Sorry,I could not post to you all the cempedak goreng. Pak Uniong ,Shida, Oan, Ude's friends, Kin's friends and Mak lang (mine and the bolg one)' you have to come over for tea,if you would like to sample the cucoq! he,he!. For Lia and Yanna,all the fruits of the season that you craved for had been packed and frozen in the freezer waiting for you! Welcome home to the smell of home!


  1. we just had cucoq cempedak on monday but the flesh is soooo thin!

    am sure your children abroad tak sabar2 nak balik!!!! i remember my mom frozen the durians for us as well!

  2. OO, cempedak taste lovely plus the sweet smell. Kalau buah yang beli memang selalunya macam tu sebab yang best orang dah ambil at source. Yes the girls tak sabar nak balik. Everyday they read my blog. Yang komen you saja, rupanya there's a number of silent readers. He,he.

  3. salam perkenalan..I hopped from maklang's blog.

    Kalau tak silap, I think I know Lia... well if that's true, you are so lucky to have Lia as your daughter, she's sweet and friendly :)

    As for the cucur cempedak....'s been more than 2 years I tak rasa cempedak.. anyway, we're going home early september, so ..hey Malaysian fruits, here we come.....nyum nyum.

  4. loveujordan, salam disambut. I had also peeped once at your blog from Onde. When I saw the photos of Malaysian in Jordan then I guessed you would know my daughter. Anyway you are welcome to my blog and welcome home to Malaysia, bak kata pepatah 'hujan emas di negeri orang hujan batu dinegeri sendiri'.