Friday, 3 August 2007

My Destination

I am making plans .....
going to a destination,
It has all the attractions...
that defy your imagination,
I am sure you'd want to follow,
if you are in the know...

You may book the ticket,
but it has no confirmation,
suddenly you realised ...
you are at the station!
Nobody takes a ride,
even by the side..
Travelling by yourself..
You are on your own !

I have some idea,
From what I did gather,
of the place where I want to go..
It's not for everyone,
'Cos it's so special...
It's only for those... I am told,
Who are... a 'Blessed soul',

There's a magnificient palace..
made of glass and crystals,
With lovely indoor garderns..
and vast garderns outside,
with flowing rivers,
and all the wonders!

The atmosphere smells..
sweet of fragrance,
in the breeze thats blows lazy,
making you delightfully...dizzy!

With the wind that moves along,
There's singing of songs,
with voices of angels,
the rythm of which is a lullaby

You'd get all your heart's desire,
or anything you admire,
the furniture's a luxury,
and such beauty..
The carperts's so thick,
with designs never seen,
the cushions are 'comfy'..
of velvet in green,

So intelligent is your place of abode,
that anything you want...
there's a mode ...
you'd just have to think,
It will come in a blink!

Rows of handsome butlers,
Rows of preety maids,
At your command they are always good,
serving sumptous food...
and drinks of sparkling wine,
the taste of which you had never dine,

Your dress are gowns of flowing silk...
and shinning brocades,
with diamonds and jewels..,
you'd look a beauty..
as you should be,

There's no nonsense,
And nothing foul...
There's no pain to suffer,
No sadness or madness,
There's only beauty,
and serenity..
And this is the place...
Where I want to be .. !


  1. Jannah - I'll always include this place in my prayer! A place that I too wannabe..Ameeen.

    It is soooo lovely! Paragraph two reminds of the Polar Express movie but since it is western made, it's associates with santa claus.

    Alangkah indahnya dapat menikmati sungai susu dan madu!

  2. I have not seen the movie. This poem comes from my understanding the Jannah as described in the Al-Quran and from my reading, I could see something a little as such!(because we can never really imagine!) I pray that my soul will be invited to enter Jannah! Ameen!

  3. polar express tu cerita katun hehehhehe, i watched it with my was a train and orang yg terpilih jer naik got special ticket..bila you tulis pasal ticket terus ingat citer tu..

  4. Maklang pun harap dan berusaha untuk menuju ke sana..InsyaAllah...

  5. So beautifully composed!!!

    That's my destination too, InsyaAllah..

    OndeOnde telah khabarkan berita gembira. Thank you in advance Mak Teh. Tak menyusahkan ke?

  6. Mamamia, kita berdoa semoga kita semua dapat kesana! Disamping itu kita juga kena berusaha. Insya-Allah diperkenankan.

  7. Mak lang, maaf kerana tidak kontek mak lang semasa di kl. Masatu saya kurang sihat. Alhamdulillah sekarang dah baik sikit.