Sunday, 12 August 2007

Forgive Everyone?

Last week my husband announced to me that he had forgiven everyone. He said he had forgiven me, my relatives, his relatives, our children, and all those people who had hurt him one way or the other. I was not surprised with that kind of announcment coming from my husband but it makes me feel bad because I could not do the same. Forgive everyone??? People who had really hurt your feelings?? ( It's like something impossible!) It is very difficult for me at the moment. Some of the incidents I may have tried to forget but could not forgive. Some other incidents I may want to forgive but you could not forget. My husband then teach me to say some prayers so that my heart will be more forgiving. Insya-Allah I hope it will work!
Then a few days later, he was so happy telling me that he had just heard this tazkirah as below,
Enam perkara yang Allah berikan kepada orang yang memaafkan kesemua kesalahan orang lain terhadapnya :
1) hati bertambah bersih
2) ketenangan fikiran
3) disembuhkan segala penyakit
4) makhbul doa
5) mendapat hidayah bercurah-curah
6) wajah yang cerah bersih ( point ini dikatakan oleh Imam Shafie)

After I heard the above explanation from my husband, I tried to persuade my heart to do the act of forgiving. First I must learn to forget the painful incidents, then maybe later I will be able to forgive. (When the incident was fresh, it chocked my breathing, bled my heart and ripped my inside) The most painful ones are those incidents which involved the close members of the family, whom once were the persons you had cared for! May Allah show me the way, and make heart be more forgiving! Ammeen!


  1. Thanks for sharing. InsyaAllah lepas ni kena belajar to forgive and forget.
    & Mak Teh sorry if I've been troubling you with the acar buah.

  2. memaafkan mmg satu perkara yg amat sukar. tapi ia amat2 disukai oleh Nabi kita. cubalah walau mcm mana berat sekalipun. kerana berat didunia ini pasti akan dibalas dgn kesenangan yg tak ternilai di akhirat sana. :)

  3. I pun sama ni, have to learn how to forgive!

  4. it takes a very strong person to offer blanket forgiveness like that. your husband is definitely one of them.

    anyway, unrelated to the topic, i received your acar buah last week. thanks a lot!

  5. tq makteh...memang payah nak buat ni, tapi mesti nak berusaha kan...

  6. In my experience,Kak, forgiving is easy. Forgetting is the hard part. Someone does someting bad to you, you get angry or hurt, then you harbour bad feelings about the person. You choose to forgive but should an occasion arise when you are asked to trust the person again, you will find that the second part of forgiving is harder to achieve. Its a gamble: are you willing to put yourself in harm's way again? Are you able to take the pain a second or third time?
    Also on forgiving, I found that sometimes we think another person has done you wrong but we often do not know what the circumstances of the act were. There have been times when I thought someone had done something bad to me but upon some investigation I found that they had in fact done me, sometimes, big favours.
    See ya.

  7. Salam Mak Teh ...

    bukan senang nak maafkan seseorang
    nak nak lagi kalau orang tu pernah lukakan hati kita...

    perlu pada kekuatan untuk jadi seorang pemaaf ...