Thursday, 16 July 2009

Foreign Connections


I have to start writing my entry in English for the benefit of the parents of our foreign students. At the moment we have 6 foreign students in our secondary school and we may accept a few for the primary school.

The foreign srudents now have settled down fairly well. They can get along with our students after some initial misunderstanding. Now they are able to eat our food, speak a little in Bahasa Melayu and enjoy the games in the evening together. They said that they love our school, the best they have ever been to. Personally I am very happy to hear that.

However with such good words from them, more and more enquiries are coming from some people from overseas. I believe its from their connection. Unfortunately, we have to say there is no more place for this year. On learning that they are now applying for a place for next year. However we will researve only 10 places for foreign students next year.

Slow March by Our Girls

The Boys leading the march

Listening to the briefing by the Commander


  1. Salam,

    Glad to learn that those foreign students are now adapting themselves well at your school . It looks like next year the school will be merrier with more foreign students coming InsyaAllah.

  2. Sarina,

    Alhamdulillah and Thank you ! We are teaching our students to open their hearts and accept their fellow muslim brothers. Insya-Allah more students will be coming from overseas next year.

  3. I am here by accident but pleased to have the opportunity to get a glimpse of your work. I do not run a school the way you do, mine being a simple one-man show, an effort to contribute something to the community during my autumn days. I wonder what the number of staff running your school is. Presumably you yourself are the principal. Wish you all the success.

  4. Dear Al-Manar,

    Welcome to my blog. Any kind of contribution to our community is good work or ibadah.

    Now we have 60 students and 10 teachers. Our syllabus includes Al-Quran reading, writing and memorizing, 13 religious subjects and 5 academic subjects.

    My husband is the founder and principal and I am assisting him in many ways. I am also teaching English and Malay Language.

    Thank you for your interest and good wishes.