Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Our School Short Break

Assalamualaikum! Yesterday, our school let the students go home for the monthly short break (4 days) which coincide with the CNY. For the new students, this is their first 'balik kampung or balik rumah' break since they joined the school on 1st January 08. Parents as well as the children looked very happy to be reunited! Parents started arriving at 3.00 pm. and the last one came at 6.00 pm. We then locked the hostel building and looked forward to have our own break. For Pak Haji and me the feeling of relief as well as tiredness sets in at the same time!

I gave myself a treat by going to the Pasar malam nearby. I bought satay and Yong tau foo and told the maids to cook light dinner. Of course after eating those things I had little appetite for dinner, so I slept early. I woke up later to watch the late news. I was feeling a bit relax and let my mind wonder elsewhere other than the school.

This morning woke up at 6.00 am which is later than usual. I also skipped my morning walk, he, he. I wanted to feel relaxed and carefree! However that situation did not last very long, for soon after breakfast, Zed reminded me to have a look at the hostel's rennovated new dinning area which has not been use as yet. We have to improve it so that rain would not wet the area and that we have to put the tables. We also have to see to the extra beds to be made available for the 4 new students coming after CNY. I have yet to crack my head where to put up the extra beds. Well, well, a job has to be done, has to be done! So there will not be much rests afterall. Luckily this is the kind of job Pak Haji and I love to do.

Then my mind began to wonder to if only.....If only we have a bus to transport the students, Pak Haji won't have to make many trips with his Hilux transporting the students to mosques, library, swimming pool, tahlil invitation etc.... If only we have a lot RMs, we could buy that piece of land to build the asrama and other, facilities..... If only we could build our own complex...... beautiful!! wonderfull!! Insya-Allah! All things are within Allah's knowlege and Authority! Who knows Pak Haji's dream to develope the school into a Higher Instituition may come true not so far off in the future. Semoga Allah makhbulkan! Ameen! Ameen, Ya Robbul'aalamin!


  1. Ameen!

    I will pray one day of your wishes and Pak Haji will come true. Afterall it is a noble wish! To educate our young generations to His Correct and True Path is certainly falls into the shoulders of everybody. Pak Haji and you and all your staffs and family members are lucky to be chosen among many to set up the MTQSA.

    InsyaAllah, God Willing, Dia sentiasa membantu orang2 yang berjihad di jalanNYA.

  2. Ameen! Syukran OO atas doa-doa dan kata-kata peransang anda kepada kami. This is part of moral support. Any kind of support is very much welcome here. Syukran!

  3. Mak Teh, you and your Pak Haji deserve that long awaited rest. Bukan calang-calang orang yang boleh buat apa yang you berdua buat. I'm just sad that I have not been able to contribute much, being busy with my own things and family. I akan sama-sama doakan kejayaan you berdua.Insyaallah, Allah akan makbulkan doa orang yang sentiasa berbuat baik.

  4. mazz, thank you for you doa. You have been a good friend for a long time, your doa is also our strength BUT of course you have been helping us since the inception of the school. We'll never forget that!