Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Have You Heard of This?

Assalamualaikum! Last week our first casualty left our school. He is the male student in the first case that I have mentioned earlier. The second day in the hostel, he developed spasm ie difficulty in breathing. Pak Haji took him to a doctor who diagnosed that physically all is well with him. " It's just stress due to anxiety, and this usually happens to some new students who go to boarding school." said the doc. The parents were called to fetch him home that night. They took him to the hospital and see another doctor, who gave same opinion that the patient has anxiety symtoms. Then the parents took him to Darul Syifa' where the ustaz treat him the Islamic method by reading verses and doa's. 3 days later he came back to school on Maal hijrah day. I was surprised because he looked different, bright faced not gloomy as before. When I asked him he responded brightly that he was happy to continue schooling. But alas! he only lasted to the evening when he started crying out for his mother again gasping for breath. The parents quickly came and took him home finally after 4 attempts of bringing him back to hostel, they gave up and informed us so.

We were quite sad for the boy and his parents but quite relieved that the hostel life for the other boys return to normal and there was a feeling of relieve for all especially the warden ustaz. I have heard this kind of cases in other hostel for tahfiz school that usually the cause of these problem in not physical or phsycological but more deep rooted. So I had asked the mother whether, her family ancestors had "saka". This has something to do with in the old days when Malays were ignorant about Islam, some kept or fed evil spirits or jinns to protect their families and properties. This evil spirit or jinn would not go away even if the original keeper had died. I was not really surprised when she answered in the affirmative. She explained that, her grandfather who died some years back had a "saka" passed down to him but the decendents never want to inherit the "saka". I told her that from what I heard some person who have this kind of "saka" will not be able to do the Quran intensely to become a tahfiz or staying in the asrama for tahfis students where the Al-Quran is being read most of the time. Then I told her I heard some people could remove the "saka" but I was not ready to get involved with that.

So poor thing, we could not help much and we lost a student! However the next day Allah send us not one but two new students; one hailed from Brunei Darussalam and another arrived from Temerloh Pahang. Both are high acheiving students with good potential. I am happy to note that the Bruneian has already led prayers as Imam. He looks bright, focussed and able to adapt that Pak Haji and I would have no doubt that he will be able to finish his Al-Quran memorising (hafazan) much earlier that the target date and on top of that his English is excellent too! ( So to the Bruneian Mum: Do not worry much about your child here, he's doing just fine!)

(Note: As for the Sarawakian Mum, Alor Setarian Mum (Doc), Kuantan Mum (Doc), your children are doing fine too! Pak Haji and I are happy to take care of all your children just like we take care of ours!)


  1. dear mak teh,
    I've just heard about saka thing long time ago and just two days ago, my husband mentioned about this! The ustaz that gave kuliah subuh on sunday has explained this and he said he could help to buang the saka.

    From what I understand, since it is passed down, so the parents yang kena ubatkan dulu.

    Anyway, Alhamdulillah for the newcomers at your school. InsyaAllah all of them (students) will reach their target soon.

  2. It's hard to believe that this 'saka' thing is still being practised.

    Kesian that boy... I'm sure he's not aware of it. Rasanya dia pun tak nak..

  3. OO, we have discussed with the parents about usaha ubatkan and they are doing it with the help of some friends. I promised that when the boy has recovered fully, he can still come back to our school.

  4. Mamamia, yes memang kesian the boy. Yesterday the parents and the boy came to see me to discuss about the berubat. The boy now understand his situation and want to berubat and get out of this thing. The saka disturbed him it seems because his mother is the first born of the grandpa's family and he is the eldest of his mother's children.

  5. salam kak sal,
    Ni Zai dari alameen. Since cerita pasal saka saka ni, Zai pun baru tahu yang jiran sebelah rumah pun kena saka ni dari kecil lagi dari neneknya. Kesian dia sebab bila maghrib tiba, dia akan mula sakit dan berlarutan sampai Subuh. Waktu Siang, dia sihat walafiat. Malam, sampai menangis nangis tak tahan sakit. Sakitnya pun lepas baik, kena penyakit lain pulak. Sekarang berubat ngan anak murid Ust Ismail Kamus. Ada cara lain ke?

    By the way, ada writer Ameen yang menulis buku bertajuk Tulisan Cerminan Personaliti Diri, bertanya sama ada dia boleh dapatkan tulisan Adibah Amin untuk projeknya yang akan datang. Boleh tak Kak Sal usahakan?

    Editor Semiah mengucapkan terima kasih.

    P/s Bila Kak Sal nak dtang bawa kue teow lagi? Heheheh

  6. Waalaikumsalam Zai, rupanya sakit akibat saka ni masih ada lagi orang yang kena. Mereka mengamal Islam secara betul tetapi benda tu yang nak melekat kat mereka. Alhamdulillah ada juga ustaz-ustaz yang pandai berubat.

    Yang nak minta saya tolong usahakan itu tak berani nak kata ya, tetapi bila ada kesempatan nanti saya cubakan.

    Sudah lama saya tak ke Alameen sebab sebok dengan urusan sekolah. Pasal koay teow kan saya dah beri resepi haritu, cubalah buat tentu sedap!