Thursday, 24 January 2008

The School Assembly

Last week we had our first school assembly. It was a proud moment for Pak Haji and me. After 2 years of struggling trying to establish the school, we now have a school assembly. We will have the assembly once a fortnight on a sunday morning (our first day of the week) The students take their marching position in rows and then to the order of their commander, turn aroud to face us the teachers and staff. First, the students sang Negaraku, then the Asmaulhusna.( the names of surahs in Al Quran as a song, to be added as the third song later in future assemblies ). The Pengetua then addressed the assembly mentioning how proud he is of his students who has shown good behaviour especially in public and that they are to always matain such examplary behaviour. Then the decipline teacher spoke and then lastly one of the ustaz said the doa and the assemly ended.

The assembly reminded me of my school days when I was a prefect and I did my duties with full responsibilty. Sometimes during assemblies one of the prefects had the duty to raise the flag when the National anthem was sang. So, in the case of our present school, we have yet to put up the flag post!


  1. asmaulhusna is good!

    for a start you can put the CD/tape of asmaulhusna and get the students get the it right! mesti berderau2 darah bila reciting asmaulhusna!!

    if i were near to your place, i can volunteer to do some brain exercise for the students - there are 26 movements altoghether, nak buat semua memang tak sempat but there are 4 key movements to sort of "open up" the brain. The exercise is suitable for all ages.

  2. The students who came from religious primary school are able to recite the Asmaulhusna beautifully! Most of the others could follow along so do 'mak aji' (students and parents call me so) trying to sing along as well.

    You are welcome to our school especially on a Sunday and may contribute any form of your knowledge.

  3. Hello Mak Teh, sebelum I change into 2nd gear, you chew sireh? Watch where you 'poooit', huh! Ha ha, just kidding as noticed your header. Ooops, saya lupa, I was at Sarina's place having kopi and kueh noticed your callsign, and being a kaypoh, taking a peek. I like what I see, so will stay for coffee. Two sugar please. Ha ha.
    Wow, very interesting your starting a school. And good discipline too.
    My schooling time was wayyyy before Tunku Abdul Rahman cried out "Merdeka" 7 times at Merdeka stadium, and believe it or not, I was one of the students doing the mass drill at the opening of Merdeka stadium, as well at the stadium when the British Union Jack was lowered and the Malaysian flag rising up slowly. Even at that age, I could feel a lump in my throat as "Negaru Ku" was played by the Police Band.
    And school days those days had chegus and principals who were faster and more accurate with chalk throwing or the two feet long ruler than Incik Clint Eastwood can say, "make my day"!
    Datang sekolah, got to walk past several prefects, semua Form 5 and 6...they carry rullers check our hair aboce collar, girls skirts 5 inches below the knees, and if late, nama kena tulis like mata mata tangkup speeding, ha ha. And they don't take bribes too. 10 cents ice cream pun ta'mau.
    The school bookstore fellow loves me as I gave him good business.
    Why? My writing 500 to a 1000 lines, "I must not be late for school", or, "I must not bring snakes to school". Terok tu, talk about writers cramp!
    Those days mana la anyone heard of 'human rights' kan?
    The principal's office had a 4 feet long manau rattan cane...3 strokes for fighting, 6 strokes if locking bathroom doors! Ha ha. Nanti, nanti....before you start imagining I had experience of that manau cane? No la, never...I was a good boy, only fight outside school compound. But my handwriting sure improved very fast those days, and my mother thinking the apple of her eye studying hard, doing homework on weekends, ha ha...instead, "I must not let go Iguanas in class", 1000 lines.
    Okay, better chabut before you yawnnnn. You keep well, Mak Teh. UL.

  4. Assalamualaikum,

    Mak Aji - it nice to read your writing especially something about my son, please bimbing dia sebaik mungkin, i know i have made a right decision by sending him at your school.Allah jua yang akan membalas jasa pak aji & mak aji dalam mendidik dia. We are praying hard for him. Please let me know his progress from time to time.Terima kasih banyak, moga Allah permudahkan dan memberkati semua tenaga pengajar yang mengajar di sekolah ini.

  5. Hello U Lee, thank you for dropping by and sample my sireh. Sometimes its nice to chew the sireh with company. Let me guess, if you were schooling way before Tunku shouted Merdeka! Merdeka, he he, that means you are about my eldest brother's age. Your school must have been like mine too where we had our science teacher on of the famous Augutin brothers. I must have bee quite hopeless in his science classes that he saig I could become an airstewardess. He was quite wrong because I happened to be an inch short of the height requiremnt. I loved my schooldays, my school made me!

  6. Dear anonymous, do keep visiting my blog. I will write obout our students often. Do not worry for your son is doing fine. He is healthy, eats a lot, participates in class, has a beautiful writing of the Al Quran verses. Even if he is not as fast as the top students he will soon learn a lot here and most likely he could not do as much elsewhere.