Friday, 25 January 2008

Nasi Goreng Day

For our students one of the highlight of the day is the morning tea-break at 10.30 everyday. They look forward to the tea-break where they have their favourite menu. For breakfast we give them bread and eggs plus butter, jam and kaya. Eggs are served as scrambled, omellette or 3/4 boiled. Some morning they are served with tuna and baked beans and on Sundays Nasi lemak is served.

This morning tea-break they had nasi Goreng, which is much sought after. Tomorrow they will have bubur nasi daging (delicious but difficult to cook as it takes time) or sphagetti ( delicious but expensive ingredients). When sphagetti is being served I had to ask the helper ( whom the students called bibik ) to do the serving or else you will find that the last few in the queue will have none left. On Sundays they get mee goreng, mondays roti jala with chicken curry, tuesdays freid bihun with sotong, wednesdays mee kuah hailam special, and thursday koay teow mak aji special.

It is interesting to note that when they go for the 10.30 tea-break, they had to perform the Sunat Duha Prayers first, you will find that they hurriedly perform the sunat prayers and then make a beeline to queue for the tea-break food. I love to watch over to see how they enjoy their food. It makes me happy to see them eating well with great appetite. No need for anyone to say Mak Aji is a good cook. Looking at how they enjoy their food in evidence enough! And it is very satisfying!


  1. I wonder whether I too can join the beeline with your students to sample the "Mak Aji's cooking"! hehehehehe...the menus are really tempting!!!!! *wipes drool*

    Subhanallah, I am sure all the parents who are now having their children over at your school rasa syukur sangat to know that each morning anak2 depa perform Sunat Dhuha prayers..

  2. You are welcome! We usually have visitors on Sundays. The coming sunday the former iman besar of the Masjid Negeri will be our guest. He is here on leave back from Jordan where he is furthering his studies. He will give a talk to the students. Other guests with prior appointment are welcome as well.

  3. salam,

    Alhamdulillah dapat kembali di sini. Sedap-sedap makanan anak-anak pelajar tu...sihat dan dapat menghafal dengan baik, InsyaAllah.

  4. Waalaikumsalam, terima kasih kerana mengunjungi mak teh. I was wondering where you are since you said way back that you are coming back home to malaysia. Alhamdulillah looks like you back safe and sound!