Monday, 21 January 2008

We Are More Settled Now

This is third week of schooling. We are more or less settled now! Our new boys have settled in rather quickly. There's very little complaints of homesickness or 'rindu ibu'for this week. The new students have fit in with the seniors and the strict hostel rules. They have started their marathon of memorizing the Al-Quran (most are doing a page a day, which is very good indeed!). They are learning the academics plus the 13 religious subjects. While they study hard, they play hard too, games like football and badminton are their favourite. At the same time they also do their compulsory co-curriculum, ie archery, swimming and marching. So you see, they have very little time to dilly-dally.

Eating wise they consumed all their rations with big appetite . Of course in hostel, we do give them generous helpings but there's no second helpings. However there' an exception where they have abundance of food ie when their rezeki came in big quantities and varieties. Example on last Saturday, the 10th of Muharram we the staff and all the the students, fasted the puasa sunat 10th Muharram. We prepared the food for buka puasa with extra dishes and special desserts. Then people came to donate and sent us a lot of special food; there was satay, nasi briyani ayam, cakes and desserts. The students ate to their hearts content but there were alot more left unconsumed! We are thankful to those people who send us food but I wished they had call us earlier to inform us so that we do not prepare too much food and avoid wastage.

Anyway Syukur Alhamdulillah for all the rezeki! So next time when we have our buka puasa, we would not hesitate to invite other people or friends or family to join us because we anticipate the rezeki will come in abundance, Insya-Allah! However do inform us first and you are welcome.


  1. Alhamdulillah, everything is more or less settled so that I believe the school management now can focus on other important issues.

    Talking about living in a hostel and being a teenager, I remember that as teenager, I did consume lots of food - tak cukup kat dining hall, we went to the canteen and bought keropok lekor or meehoon, etc etc..hehehehe..

    Same thing goes with my younger brothers - kalau ten of us ada kat kampung, masak macam ada small kenduri!

    Hopefully all the students are now moving to a more advance step in their lessons.

  2. Yes the students are doing their lessons everyday. Since this school has an integrated curriculum, they do everything in a day. They have their Quran recital in the morning 7.30-9.30 am, then they move into normal classes doing subjects like maths, english fikh, hadiths, arabic etc. We are very pleased to note that the new batch of students are very, bright, alert and motivated. My english and bahasa Melayu classes with them is like a breeze!

  3. Assalamu`alaikum Mak Teh,

    Your school sounds interesting. Where exactly is it situated in Shah Alam? I read in a magazine sometimes ago about a religious private school is Sec 3 SA. Is that the one?

  4. Waalaikumsalam mak aji. Yes, you are right on the dot! You may see If you are interested to book for your children or anak buah for next year 2009, we will start taking in bookings by august and will arrange the interview right after the UPSR exam based on the trial results. Thank you for your interest in our school.