Friday, 4 January 2008

A Few Days of the New Year

These few days of the New Year, my husband and I were very busy. We woke up on 1st January, expectant of many happenings. All preparations were made to the best that we could. We were quite prepared for the influx of new students to our school. At 9 am we went to the boys hostel where the registration of new students were to take place. When we arrived, there were already a queue waiting to be attended to. So we promptly did our duties as the sun's heat was starting to get stronger. There were 30new students that came from all over, 8 girls and 22 boys.

By 10.30 am students and parents were gathered in the school surau. We had a Welcome Speech by the Pengetua, a taklimat by the Registrar cum Students' Welfare Officer (yours truly)explaining the fees and charges and facilities provided by the school. Then we had Q&A session and after that we had a speech by Ustaz Nizam the Imam (thank you ustaz Nizam for a very moving and insightful speech). As usual the session ended with some makan-makan and getting to know each other. Some mothers were in tears when they came to me. ( thank you mothers for you trust in us to take care of your precious children!)

After the students have been accommodated, the parents said thier tearful good byes, we were left to handle the new boys and girls. To my husband and me its like getting a new brood of children and there's a feeling of warmth and happiness and being blessed to be entrusted with such a special job as to take care, educate and to ingrain good values to these 'specially chosen' children.

As you can imagine our hectic schedule, 2nd and 3rd January saw us running around to purchase necessary items and essential kitchen requirements. 3 kitchen helpers and a caterer were kept busy feeding the students 5 times a day. The contractors are also around to do some neccessary renovations and the electricians to do the wiring for extra lightings.

Our population will be 50 Insya-Allah, when all the seniors and new students come in. We will have 7 full time teachers and 3 part-time teachers. We also have an archery instructor, an instructor for marching, an ex-army officer, and a swimming instructor when the co-curriculum starts. We have 3 live in teachers and a warden.

At the same time more applicants and enquiries are coming (from overseas as well). We are quite overwhelmed! We are still lacking in facilities like a bus for transportation. We need a bus to transport students to and fro Masjid Negeri, the state library, the club swimming pool and going for outings etc. We need more beds, students lockers, tables and chairs. Donations are welcome!


  1. wow!

    I read thru this and I can imagine the situation.

    it seems that the school is expanding fast!

    kena banyak promosi lagi so that more donations will coming in, insyaAllah.

  2. All the best Mak Teh for 2008. Hopefully, everything will run smoothly. InsyaAllah.....

  3. Yes OO, the situation is like what you can imagine. Very hectic but fulfilling! I think your type will like this kind of job. He, he, you can come and help me. Dapat elaun besar daripadaNYA!

  4. Thank You Mamamia! We doa that we can perform our duties well and the school will be known as a good school and be able to expand fast.

  5. Assalamu`alaikum Mak Teh,

    Am very interested to read about yr school. Is it in section 3?

  6. Waalaikumsalam mak aji! Yes the school is in section 3 shah alam known as MTAQSA. See Thank you for dropping by.

  7. insyaAllah, I'll be able to help in the future as good deeds, mudah2an tak sibuk sangat at that time :)