Sunday, 27 January 2008

My Two Daughters in Middle-East

I have two daughters in the Middle-east, Lia in Irbid Jordan and Yanna in Cairo, Egypt. They have been sending me SMS about their coming August holidays. I told them of my plans that Bapa will be sending Ally to Cairo by June. (Insy-Allah Ally will be doing Al Quran in Syubro a faculty of the Al Azhar University) So may be I could follow as well and spent sometime with Yanna, then visit Lia in Jordan. I told them that if that plan work out then they should cancell their plan about coming home to Malaysia. They both quite agree with the idea and Yanna is looking out for a place to house us in while we are there. Lia is looking forward to our arrival in Amman.

When the other members of the family heard about this plan, they all want to follow. I said "Ok, but expenses are on your own!" He, he, mummy has no extra Rms to spend on them. Three of them, ie, Kin, Amal and Ude are already working, earning reasonable income.

In 2005, we had gone on holiday, the whole family, 10 of us, Yanna in Cairo, Lia flew in from Amman (except for Amal who was in UK). We did Egypt, then did the Umrah. We really enjoyed the Umrah that the children said that in the future for holidays get-together with their siblings, it should be in Makkah and Medina doing the Umrah again. Then we all went back to Cairo, after another week in cairo the children went back to their respective destinations while Pak haji and I continue our journey to UK for Amal's convocation. Then we came back to Egypt for another week and went home after nearly 1and half months away for the whole trip. Naturally the whole trip costs us a bomb! So for this one I am not planning to spend a bomb for the second time!

For this trip I hope to do Jordan, Syria and Turkey. For the 2005 trip we could not do that sector because we found out plane tickets were not available. It seems that during summer a lot of American, British and European tourists fly into Jordan to spend their summer!

So Lia and Yanna do pray for Bapa and Mummy to be able to make this trip, so that we all may go to Syria and Turkey as well. Mummy will try to keep fit for all the intended travelling.

Who is going to look after the school? No idea yet!


  1. emmmm bestnya nak pergi holiday.. rasanya Lia balik cuti jugak... balik in Jun...hehehe.

  2. InsyaAllah, I pray for your plan to go and visits your daughter while jalan-jalan will be smooth one!

  3. Silversarina, you may be right! She was mentioning that she has to come home to see her doctor in june. How come you know? Are you still in contact with her gang in irbid? At the moment I am preparing boxes of goods to be sent by air cargo to Lia and her gang. He, he, he. Can send you some if you are there!

  4. OO, thank you for all your doa's and good thoughts! My doa for you is that you would be able to do the umrah in the near future. Will assist where possible.

  5. Mak Teh,
    Reading about your intended vist to Egypt and Jordon make me wish that I could join you. Especially Jordon, I've always wanted to go there. Alas, since my eldest daughter is going to deliver her 1st baby in May, insyallah, looks that I have to hold all my travel plans for year 2008. My doa that you and your Pak Aji will make it for this trip safely.

  6. dear mak teh, thanx for THAT specific do'a!

  7. Mazz, no problem! you can always join us in the future. Who knows we may also postpone our trip to next year if we have to hold a kenduri this year. He,he, can't afford to have two big events in same year. Envy you waiting for your cucu while my supposed to be menantu has not made up her mind yet!