Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Of Swimming, Archery and Marching

Todays cocurriculum activity which starts at 5.30 is marching (usually on Thursdays) The boys enjoy this marching activity sometimes with Pak haji as the Commander. Today they will learn to march to the beat of a drum. They start from the school compound and march along the neighbourhood streets, then they will march uphill and come round in front of our house. When passing infront of our house, they will make a point to shout loudly, as loud as they can, shouting left, right! left, right! They enjoyed doing that and when I heard them coming I would go out and waved at them with my thumbs up! He, he, he! . It does not matter that at that time I happened to be in the midst of cooking their dinner!

Another activity which the students love is swimming. They are so enthusiastic about it that you will find them performing the asar prayers with the swimming suit under their jubah. Then as soon as they finished the doa they took out the jubah, put on normal clothings on top and raced to the waiting Hilux to transport them to the swimming pool. They did not even bother to have their tea first. Swimming is once a fortnight. The boys' swimming day is Monday and the girls' swimming day is Wednesday. The girls have beautiful, colourful bourqini ie swimming suit for muslim ladies which covers the aurat.

Of course, the other favourite activity is archery. Archery is on saturday 8.00 -10.00 am. They have to do their workout for warming up first. Then they will assemble the equipments and lined up to have their turn aiming at the target butt. There are a few seniors who are already preparing to go for competetition! We hope to win a few championships, Insha-Allah.


  1. The students in your school are lucky indeed! Thee are quite a handful of co-curriculum activities for them to participate and I must say it's hard to find any school offering swimming and archery as part of their co-curriculum activities!!!!

    If I were one of the students, I would wear the bourqini under my jubah too! I am also keen to learn how to swim but nearby my area there's no swimming classes especially for female muslims who wear tudung.

    And I've read sometime ago that archery activities requires a totalk focus and concentration hence it is good for a tahfeez student (or any individuals).

    If I am one of the students taking part in the marching, I will look forward to that "thumbs-up wave"!

  2. OO, you better learn to swim now or else later on you may be like me, malu nak pakai swimming suit sebab dah terlalu montel!

    We want the students to enjoy their school life just like we enjoyed ours when we were young.

  3. hahahahahaa...I swim dalam bath tub jer lah jawabnya :)