Saturday, 26 January 2008

Meet The Students' Parents

This morning at the market I met adam's mother. When she greeted the salam to me, I was blinking trying to figure out who she is. When she saw that blank expression on my face, she introduced herself as adam's mother. I smiled and apologised and she understood that with so many new students I could not know all new students' parents at this juncture. Then adam's mother told me that she will be bringing bubur kacang for tomorrow's tea. I thanked her for that and for informing me early so that i don't have to prepare food for tomorrow's tea-time. She further informed me that her son is happy in our school. Of course I am happy to hear that!

Yesterday morning azim's mother met me at the subuh prayers at the masjid. She purposely came all the way from Alor Setar once a fortnight to be able to do the subuh sujud sajaddah prayers and stay till saturday afternoon when she could take her son out for few hours. (parents visiting day is once a fortnight on saturday after the asr prayers)

Hakim's parents who have a cattle farm in Johor have often brought few kilos of beef when they came visiting their son. They also readily hand in financial support when we are in need. (Hakim is a senior)

Elisa's and syimir's parents are model parents. They are very enthusiastic about their childrens' education, have full confidence and faith in what we are doing and gave us all the support, financial and moral which we really need !

Fakhri's mother will follow the events that we are doing in school and she will do all the sunat prayers and fasting and doas that she knows her son is doing in school. And to think that she was the one who apposed Fakhri's enrollment into our school because she could not bear to be separated from her only child.

Not all are such star parents! There's one or two that I would not like to mention here. Insy-Allah with my past years experience, my interview for next year's intake Insya-Allah, I will not make mistake in choosing star students as well as the parents!

And by the way we will start interviewing for 2009 intake in august as soon as after the UPSR exam based on the trial exam result. So look out if you are interested for your children or anak buah.


  1. It takes all sorts of people to make up for this world.

    Take it as a challenge, Mak Teh! Way to go!

  2. OO, yes lah, mak teh pun sedar akan hal itu.