Saturday, 29 December 2007

Few More Days To The New Year

Assalamualaikum! I am looking forward to today. There lots of things to be done. I anticipate there will be little time to blog later, thats the reason I am doing it now. Day before I came back from Alor Setar having very acute stomach ache. I must have got the bugs from food eaten in Alor Setar day before. Now I am still having it that I dare not take my breakfast this morning!

Anyway coming back to the items that makes me look forward for today; top on the list is 'My good friend Mazz is coming home today for she had ended her stint in Labuan', second ' Meeting with the staff (including new staff) to give thier duties for new 08 session'. Next, to go out shopping for items for the 'asrama' and new kitchen utensils to cater for the bigger number of students.

There's only two more days before the new students will come to register with our school. There's also the school uniforms to be collected and the marketing to be done. So you can imagine the numerous things we have to do. At the same time there are still enquiries about our school and a number of new applicants to be interviewed. We wanted to close the appliccation but feel it bad not to listen and try to help those who wants to come to our school. At least we have to see what we can do to help them. We may direct them to other schools.

We feel that we need a lot of help but we do not know where to turn to and what help to ask. However I think we can manage with the help of our children. Some of them may take leave to help us out during this few days. Yes, all the children are very involved in the school.


  1. I can imagine the hectic with school opening!

    Glad that you best buddy is back!

    I think mostly everyone is busy with bukak sekolah time, so less alert in blogging world, semua pun busy apatah lagi you!

    Take your time and hopefully the tummy bug will go away soon!

  2. Memanglah sebok, tetepi mesti juga jenguk blog dah ketagih, he,he. Alhamdilillah, after 3 days suffering the tummy bug is now gone makan pil chikkit je.

  3. Assalamualakum Mak Teh,
    Yes I'm back. I've decided that Shah Alam shall still be my home and I will work from my home base and going back to Labuan once every few months to finish up any work assignment required to be done there. Well, Labuan may be nice and the seafood is just fantastic. You can complete going round the island in 1 day actually and if you don't have any family, friends or other activity to fill your time, you will be at a loss most times. No doubt I have a friend and the work there, but the pull from family and friends from over here in semenanjung is so much stronger that I finally opted to come to this arrangement.

    In addition, the passing away of my neighbour, allahyarham Kak Ramlah (whom you know)today I saw all the neighbours (especailly the ladies) working together, memandikan, mengkapankan, membaca yassin dan mendoakan jenazah, makes me realised that I have made the right decision. I thank Allah that He has given me the answer for all my Solat Istikharah that I did in Labuan. It's good to be home, especially with this coming new year.