Sunday, 24 June 2007

Don't go missing

Dear girls, please do not go missing especially on purpose. Pity your poor parents. This morning I read from the other blogs, the case of the missing Siti, a final year bio-med student. Thank goodness she's safely home now. I would have fainted many times if I were the parents. I had that real life experiece when my 8 year old son went missing some years back. Till today I still do not know what made Alan left the house at 2 am. He went missing for 12 hours. We found him later in the shool compound with camping equipments. As for Siti, since she's a big girl, I hope she can explain to her parents what really happened. I always cautioned my girls not to go out alone. These days it is not as safe as when I was a student. I am more worried when Uda go to K.L. alone these days. Funny thing I am less worried when my girls were in U.K. Lia presently in Jordan had reported she is safely back in Irbid after visiting Turkey with a group of friends. Yana in Egypt had just messaged that she is now on the way to Siwa after visiting Matroh 7 hours by bus from Cairo where she resides ( She's taking a group of Malaysian friends on vacation, her former schoolmates who are studying medicine in Ireland). You see I could not be over worried about my girls who are overseas because I could not watch over them everyday. So I resorted to 'berdoa' say lots of prayers for their safety everyday and 'tawakkal'alallah' ie leave their safety in the hands of Allah.I would not stop them from visiting places because I know they have the adventurous spirit like their mother!


  1. your son had gone missing at 2am? and he was just 8 at that time? *faint* Really, we are not living in a safe world today; my mom won't allow my younger sisters take a bus from kota bharu to KL alone un-chaperone. I am notsure how am i going to manage my 4 children, let alone nine!

    Lucky for your children to have a chance to go places. Jauh berjalan, luas pandangan.

    I am sure my friends have visited and read your blog and sometimes some of them are a bit shy;they will become a silent reader for quite sometime then they will a comment; you won't be surprise later on you will have lots of readers!

    I think this is the link to Ummi's blog: Ummi.

  2. Yes! Its rather a long story. We had reported to the police early at 6am. But by the time we had to go back to the police (to make nationwide annoucements)as we had failed in our frantic search for him, I was near to fainting! I had by them imagined he had been taken into Thailand etc, etc. Fortunately by 11 am we found him hiding in some bushes in his school compound. Of course soon after that we held a kenduri kesyukuran.