Saturday, 23 June 2007

Food for thought

Hello girls! Few days ago a celebrity announced that she has cancer. I sympathised with her. We do not know what really cause cancer. I am not a medical person nor a scientist, but I believe it may be due to the food we eat. One of the sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) had said (which means) that a lot of diseases originate from the stomach. So we should take care of the food we consume. Several verses in the Al-Quran had asked us to eat only good food along the same ayat as the prohibition of specific food. So it means that we should not eat 'the not good food'. So what kind of food are not good and we should not eat them? I may be able to enlighten you a little on this from my experience, observations and reading.

Below are some suggestions that you may take note: 1) Do not eat artificial food, eat only natural food. 2) Do not eat animal produce that has been injected with too much hormones. 3) Do not eat processed food that has been laced with chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavours, food colorings and plastic.4) Do not use in your cooking, artificial flavours eg oyster flavoured sauce. 5) Do not use plastic utensils when preparing your food especially hot food. 6) Beware of vegetables imported from China, it may be enhanced with chemicals. 7) Beware of processed fried onions and ready to eat keropok, some had been fried laced with plastic to ensure they stay crispy ( tak masuk angin) 8) Some manufactured biscuits use something that make them extra crispy and lasting.

This is my layman conclusion: It seems that the body system do not know how to deal with these chemicals so maybe thats where they disturbed the tissues, the cells turned crazy and caused to be cancerous.


  1. thanx for the tips on food Mak Teh; one thig about children is they love jajan/chips; even I tapau-ed for them bekal but still they bought the junk food from the jajan-man on bikes after school;

    it is scary that cancer has become sort of epidemic disease in this modern and fast world. Hope Allah will spare us and our generations from that.

  2. You have to teach your children that junk food is not good for their health. there are lots of unsafe junk food in the market. Provide them with alternative home prepared snacks. I may give you some tips later.