Wednesday, 20 June 2007

How I manage my maids

Welcome! Today I shall give 4 more tips to 'good maids management'; 7) Do not invite them to eat with 'ibu' and 'bapak' at the main table. 8) Ibu and bapak must not lounge together with the maid watching t.v. 9) Do not let the maids sleep with your children. ( the small children should sleep in your room, the bigger children should sleep in their room, the maids should have their own room). 10) Do not allow the maids to have handphones. (you will be inviting trouble very soon if they have handphones). These are the main list of don'ts, tomorrow I shall list out the dos.

1 comment:

  1. aaaaahhh.. I passed all these four don'ts *smile*; my maid eats in her room and do not watch TV with us and she has her own room separately from the children's. Currently I only provide a radio for her; do you think it's a good idea to provide her a small TV in her room; am afraid she might not do her chores well if she too engrossed watching the TV programmes.

    and if the maid request or want to buy a handphone using her own money, how do you get away with that? i want to be prepared if my maid asked for one. TQ.