Sunday, 17 June 2007

Sunday Morning

Waking up on a Sunday Morning, I want to feel relaxed & carefree. After the usual dawn prayers and a few pages of Quran reading, I had breakfast with my husband. Then my mind start wandering; where are the children? It seems that Kin had gone for early morning jog with her friends. Husna and Alan coming down soon, two still sleeping upstairs after prayers? Jat and Aly had their breakfast earlier after their night duty at the asrama. After this I will be going to the market and on the way to stop at the bank to send some rm to Hanna who is in Cairo. Alhamdulillah, Lia in Irbid Jordan has stopped asking for money since she got her MARA loan. I think about all my children wherever they are many times in a day and keep counting them so I won't miss any. And you know that I have 9! Only mothers with many children would understand what I am up to.


  1. We just had our breakfast when I switched on my notebook and saw your comment. Today I didn't cook, normally sunday is my day off cooking (for breakfast only though). Still full. Kids are donwstairs playing "pretend-play" You know one will be 'ayah', one is 'mama', etc etc *chuckling*. And they only four of them! However I can imagine yours when your children were small, I am the eldest of ten myself..the youngest one is only 12yo. My mom always call our name wrongly, in the end she will say all of our name before she could get to the right one! Now, only 3 of them with my parents; 4 of us already got married..actually I missed my childhood days.

    and you mentioned about your daughters' friends visited but didn't leave any comments? I think because they don't have an account with the Blogger. You comment have been set to "only memebers of this blog" - may be that's the reason the couldn't leave any comment.

    What you do is go to Dashboard, click "setting" and click "comments" Put "anyone" to the question "who can comment" and scroll down a bit; put "yes" to "show word verification for comments" so that your comment box won;t be spammed. Then "save settings". That's it, now anyone can comment!


  2. now i can see that you've change the comment box! testing.

  3. kak salmiah,

    saya sudah sampai di blog-nya. sangat bagus, ringan tetapi sangat menarik untuk dibaca.

    teruslah menulis, dan saya akan terus membaca.

    zaleha ahmat

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog Za. Hope you will find it interesting and useful.