Thursday, 21 June 2007

What you should do to groom your maids

Hi there! Here is the list of what you should do to groom your maids; 1) First make them feel welcome by showing them to their room and introducing them to the family members, then allow them to rest ( as some of them had taken many days journey to arrive to your house!) 2) Next give the first briefing; tell them the nature of their duties and what you expect of them,(tell them what they can do and cannot do) teach them hygiene and personal cleanliness. 3) Give them necessary items for their needs ie toiletaries, towels, prayer clothes (telekong and sejadah) and some good used clothings (not yours!) for them to wear daily for working, better ir you can provide them uniform. 4) Teach them how to use all the gadgets in your house one by one, when they understand one item eg vacuum then you move to the next one. Give them few weeks to master all. ( tell them strictly not to touch anything they do not know how to use. This is to avoid them spoiling or damaging your gadgets) 5) Give them a contact person or a phone number where they can ask for help in times of emergencies.6) Teach them manners and our customs on how to treat guests. 7) Give them good clothings to use when serving guests or at functions. 8) Make sure they have enough food to eat daily.(they work hard and they need a lot of food) 9) Buy for them presents once in a while, something they can use, especially if you go outstation. 10) If you buy special food, make sure there is a portion for them as well.

If you do all these that I have listed down, I can assure you will have good maids, who will work hard, respect you and loyal to you. If you were given not a good maid material, you could see that within a few days, so you could ask your agent to exchange for another one! Happy homemaking!


  1. I think I am on the road to success insyaAllah (at least on my part) by looking at your lists we are trying our best to provide our maid; but of course the things that we give her not in abundance all at once, from time to time we try to give her all the neccessities that she needs.

    As for food, she eats whatever we eat. We still have few list to fulfill our maid's necessities.

    and as to your problem to publish comment, i think after you write a post, you logged out then when you want to respond to a comment you do not log in..that's why it prompts you to puta password; if you sign in, i dont think the blog requires you to put in your p/word to comment, you Id shall readily there..hope that helps. :)

  2. firstly thank to k onde for sharing this link in her blog. finally, after postponing, this maid thing is almost impossible not to have in my case. insyaAllah I'll be getting mine in months to come and already I am worried. It's more pertaining to my children. I have a boy, almost 3yo but can hardly speak (paed says he's hyperactive), he, is my main worry. how can we detect if the maid abuses our children. as for the girl, she's 6 already and can speak very well.

    thanks for the tips.

  3. Thank you for the explanation if theis is successfully published I will be able to answer both Ox2 and ummi.

  4. Ok,my earlier comment has been successfully published! So now I can answer ox2 and ummi. First I would like to congratulate Ox2, I have the confidence that you are going to follow my footsteps, you will be a good'ibu'. You asked yesterday about the tv. Not necessary to provide in her room. She coul watch tv with the children during her rest time. Actually my maids have no time to watch tv. Their resring time from 3-4 pm they take a nap. They retire, go to bed at 9 pm. I do not disturb them during their rest or sleeping time. As for the hand phone strictly 'NO!' . Tell them that you will allow them to use when necessary like contacting their agent or family not idle chit-chatting (must ask your permission first)
    Answer to ummi: Yes if you are working you should have a maid.Your six year old daughter can report to you if they are abused.Children will show they dont like the maid when you are around if they have been abused.Look for physical evidence as well like blackmarks (lebam) or pinchmarks. Once in a while you must make surprise checks!

  5. mak teh, i think now you have no problem posting the comments.

    that's what I think, they do not have time to watch TV and my maid resting time is same like yours i.e at 9pm; after that time, i do not disturb her anymore as she wakes up at 5am.

    ummi, hope both of us could benefit what mak teh has to offer from her bountiful experience.

  6. okay i can see here regarding your comment not to worry, when you logged in click to settings and then on "comments" "yes" to "enable comment moderation?"..macam sekarang pun okay jugak cuma bila you logged in at your dashboard you'll see alert to read you comments, bila you dah checked the comments boleh published ke tak, baru comments tu di published kan.

    This happens when sometimes the blog author wrote about controversial issues or hot issues so someone might leave offensive comments so before publish, the author can screen the comments, so oranglain tak nampak offensive comments...up to you lah..