Sunday, 10 June 2007

Unscrupulous traders

I have been wanting to tell somebody about this group of unscrupulous traders at the market. This is concerning the fresh santan sellers. They are suppossed to sell unadulterated santan. However these days many traders are out to make fast fortune. So I have found that the santan sellers add a lot of water to their fresh santan.Buy any amount of santan at the market and put it in the fridge. When it solidify you will notice half of the packet had frozen into water. So that solve my mystery of why my rm1 santan could not make a small pot of curry or porridge deliciously lemak as it should have been if rm1 packet of santan suppossed to represent 1 whole coconut. This is like the case of selling adulterated milk which is an offence in our country. It also reminded me of the days of Caliph Omar who severely punished those who sold adulterated milk. I am thinking of bringing up this matter to the relevant authorities. But do you think the enforcement people will take action on this apparently small matter since they are facing bigger problems of the present price hikes on sundry goods daily?

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  1. yes! i totally feel for you! the other day i went to the small wet market around the neighbourhood and wanted to buy the fresh santan; the shop owner then pointed to me they have the cooled fresh santan and it was in the same condition you described herein! i refused to buy that..dah la mahal!

    Now i resort to packed santan - in box KARA brand or HARMUNI brand for me, other brand tak sedap. So in a hurry or when people visiting "terkejut-terkejut" i have my santan kotak ready. :D