Monday, 18 June 2007

Good maids are made not born!

Many times I heard my neighbours said that I am lucky to have good maids.I agree with them and I thank Allah for that. However I almost always wanted to tell them that my maids are good because I am a good master (mistress). Through out the years I have acquired the skill of being a good 'ibu'. My foreign maids must address me as 'ibu'. There are a list of dos and don'ts that I abide with in order to groom my maids to my standard. They are too long to list out here. Today I am willing to share only 3 pointers with you young madams out there. First on my list is, never let the maid into your master bedroom until you are sure she can be trusted. (Nevermind if your master bedroom is not done or that you have to do it yourself). Second, never treat your maid like your own relative unless she had stayed with you for many years and you really feel that she's part of the family. Third, never give your old clothes for her use. (She will not respect you as a mistress if she wears your clothes, you can give your children old clothes to her but not yours!)


  1. Oh, this is a good post! Alhamdulillah you are sharing this critical points! The first point, I also agree with you, never done this too but as for the second points, I am quick to treat them like a family - I trust people easily - kena tune out a bit la this one; and then the third! *gulp* I had given one shirt to her that I've worn only twice I think..ahhh must remember these next time.

    These are useful tips, thanx a lot for sharing it with us! More tips! :)

  2. Insya-Allah today I will share few more tips on Good Maids Management. Afterall I have 30 years experience behind me.