Friday, 22 June 2007

Hello single girls!

Hello sheeda, irene, oan, erina and matahari, you lovely single young ladies out there! Sorry! for the past few days I have been talking about maids and you single people complained that its sooo boring. I know its not your cup of tea. So today I shall talk about single girls' interest. Firstly, I had noticed that you all have a very good dress sense these days going to office in that beautiful and 'sopan' attire. Don't worry, if you haven't make a catch yet. The mr right is somewhere out there! I know these days there are more mr wrong than mr right ( what with the mat rempit and mat dadah making a big statistic) So naturally it is very difficult to make a good catch. Nevermind, 'biar lambat asalkan selamat' ie better to be late than to be sorry! These days there are a lot of broken marriages. Mary a person only because you want to live with him. Don't say "yes" just because everybody around you is tying the knot. You are o.k if you are single, you make wise decision and be happy. What say you?


  1. right. I agree with u entirely but after a while, too set in your ways that u feel that everyone is a mr wrong.

  2. When you meet your mr right, however set you are in your ways you will be willing to change and you will accomodate some of his faults (kekurangan. I guess you are matahari. If i am right, do not worry about mr right or wrong, just count your blessings!

  3. aha! this is a good advice! you know among my younge female colleagues they are soooo busy finding the mates (which is not bad) but sometimes they forgot that they need to be wary...I have one good example of a girl getting married just because the age is catching up - in the end, siapa yang susah tu? diri sendiri

    another colleague, habiskan her hard earned money almost rm20,000 just because she loves this guy - belanja kawen semua this girl support, aiyooo...i would say that's not really smart..if you have a good career, memang lah boleh nak intai2 tapi kalau belum jumpa mr right don't worry too much.

    I personally think, let's the men love us more than we do..then life would be easier for us. Betoi ka?

  4. You should love your partner too. Married life is not easy as they say its not a bed of roses. Sometimes you have to go through so much 'dugaan' in life that only love will make you stick together!