Tuesday, 10 July 2007

A Character for my novel?

Weather today a little gloomy again. As long as the gloomy atmosphere comes from the clouds and not the haze it should be ok. If it is going to rain we should say 'Alhamdulillah' However this is not the case with mak long. If the weather looks gloomy she'll be miserable. She had told me that her marriage which took place long time ago was an arranged marriage. So I asked her "Was it raining or gloomy on the day that you were married?". She could'nt remember. He,he, I was trying to be her 'psyco-therapist' (is there such a word?) You see mak long was an obedient daughter. She would not go against the words of her father. She smiled on her wedding day and she kept on smiling infront of people in later years throughout her marriage to pak long. She never disobeyed her husband and became the good' stay at home wife'. Few people knew that she had somebody who was pining for her and sadly this person passed away at a young age. I had wanted to write a novel about mak long but her so passive attitude in life angered me. She had denied herself many things and put upon herself all blames if something is wrong with the other relatives. As a result she's now forgetfull and miserable on gloomy days. ( this is my own conclusion) I wish she had been more assertive and outgoing and had gone to get what she desired all those years and enjoyed her life!

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  1. it gives a heartache to know that you can't really help people that you care. I mean, physical need tu boleh lah disamping kita sayang kat dia but inner feeling that she feels deep inside, only she herself can change that.

    btw mak teh, if you clicked to my name here, you will be directed to my other place. I also have blog at blogspot - tapi tempat ni 'sunyi' sikitlah..so in case you tak dapat masuk EFX, you can come here..