Friday, 20 July 2007

Cooking, My Style !

Today I have to start planning to cook the famous 'Acar Buah Utara' which I have to promised to give as gifts to the entry winner in my blog. Remember I promised those entry which is number 50th, 75th and 100th will receive a bottle of my home made 'Acar Buah Utara'. I havent counted who are the winners yet, but I was thinking before I do that I have to cook the Acar Buah first!
Now I am excited about the cooking. You see I am not a good cook like Mak Lang, I have never been a good cook! Then how come I can cook and claim to be able to cook delicious dishes?(You may ask ) I will let you into my secret, actually I only started to cook seriouly less than 10 years back. However I am gifted with the imagination of the good taste for good and delicious food. Eventhough I did not do the cooking during my younger days, I know what went wrong when the food tasted lowsy. And I am very particular that the taste should come out perfect.My first maid was very much aware of that, that she had complained to my mother " Kak Cik doesn't know how to cook but she knows how to complain about my cooking!" (That was when I was young just married at age of 23 and the maid was local more like a sister).
So my cooking of this dish start with me asking the maid whether all the ingridients needed are available. I had listed the ingridients to her and she is to make sure all are availble. Then I told her that I want to cook this dish tomorrow afternoon. So now it is her duty to do the neccessay things ie make sure ingridients are are available and ready for the big Chef to cook by 2 pm tomorrow! Easy isn't it? He, he,he. (jangan marah mak lang! Esok saya cerita macam mana saya masak)


  1. Tanpa segan silunya, nak mengaku yang saya pun kurang kepakaran dalam bab memasak ni. Tapi, saya pandai masak makanan yang anak2 saya suka. Seronok bila kita makan kat restaurant, anak2 cakap "Mama masak nasi goreng lagi sedap dari ni..."

  2. now i'm curious!
    before you cooking is done, i am already salivating here!

  3. mamamia, sebenarnya kita lebih pandai masak citarasa kita daripada the restraunts. Anak-anak memang suka masakan mak dia bec mothers cook with love! Tapi ada satu restraunt kat kelantan yang saya dan anak-anak suka makan dah lupa nam dia kat KB dan 1 kat Kedah yang dah cerita dulu.

    OO, if ever you taste my cooking in the future and not like it then tell youself that our taste in food are differnt. He, he, One man's poison is another man's food!

  4. eeeeiiii..mak teh...malunya all tak pernah rasa masakan I! Mana tau sedap ke tak...

    Paling malu dengan Kak Liza tu...jauhnya kepakaran dia memasak as compared to me...

    Tak pe Mak Teh, jom kita belajar sama2 ngan kak Liza!

  5. Mak Teh,
    macam mana mak teh nak kira entry ke 50, 75 and 100. cerita sikit... please