Monday, 2 July 2007

First Day at work

Today is Ude's first day at work. She is my fourth child, second daughter and is 22 years old. I hope she can adjust well to the working life.For the past 16 years she was either somewhere in school learning the skill that enabled her to obtain a degree in architecture (interior) or lazing around in the house. She hardly does housework since we have maids throughout all these years. In between she sometimes goes out with friends and does horse riding. Looking back, I had not taught her much of living skills. Even her clothings were bought by me. I do not trust her choice in clothings becuase if left on her own, she would inevitably pick up clothes not approved by me and husband. Poor Ude! I hope she will fare well in the outside world. However with her talent, I have no doubt that she will take up after her elder brother and sister who seem to be very much needed and useful in the office. (looking at the late hours they come home from office). My advice for Ude is behave well and don't be too trusting! I wish Ude all the best, you have the wide world infront of you!


  1. my mother still picked the choices of my kain pasang even tho I dah beranak 3!

    Truly, after my fourth baru la pandai sikit2 nak beli baju but kain pasang I trust my younger sister/mother better!

    I have suffered quite a lot since I was quick to trust people.

    Well, best of luck to your Ude!

  2. I like to buy material for my children's bajus. I think my taste is better and I know how to select quality materials due to experience. However its not only the material that really matters, it's the fashion. Young girls do not understand why parents like me object to the short blouses which easily reveal their 'bontot'! You can see that everywhere nowadays. You may say Iam ols fashion. Actually Im not, it's the religious point that we have to take care.

  3. i have no objection about the blouse cover the sit-down-place as I am on the road trying to practice as much as what our religion problem is normally the many, many pattern of the kain ela!!!!!!