Sunday, 1 July 2007

Marriage is a very big decision

Hello girls! Today is Sunday again. This morning the weather is rather gloomy over the klang valley. I also noticed my eldest's face was rather gloomy too. I kept quiet and refrain from asking her questions. At breakfast she volunteered to tell us about her anxiety; her close friend whom she has adopted like younger sister has decided to marry a 'mat salleh'. ( sorry I have to edit this story at my daughter's request). However I pray that she will make a wise decision not purely based on her emotions! Remember marrige does not affect just the two person; it will entail many persons and many things.So those of you girls who are facing the same situation, I would suggest for you to do an 'Istikharah prayer' to ask Allah to give you guidance in this matter. May Allah guide you, Ameen!

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  1. I also performed a solat istikharah some 10 years ago...i pray that the decision that i made after that is the best one, so far it's not dissapointing..Alhamdulillah.