Saturday, 14 July 2007

A Saturday Morning

Hello guys! This morning I went to my publisher's office. The people there invited me for two reasons; first they wanted me to give some motivational talks (to be more specific on how to sell books ). you see it seems that during the last K.L. International book fair I have helped them to sell many, many units of my books. So they wanted some tips on how to do that kind of sale.Tuan Haji M thinks that I am a natural talent for salesmanship (Thank you tn Haji M). Secondly, they came to know that I can cook very delicious Koay teow. So the girls had requested that I should bring some of my delicious cooking. Of course I felt flatterred and had promised them that I would.So it ended this morning I gave the(much enlightened?) talk and the dish they had been waiting (salivating) for. As you may have already guessed, after the talk we had the makan and after the makan. Then after the makan (you won't believe this) the girls pesterred me for the recipe. In the end they 'kecek' ( bahasa kedah for soft talked) out from me not only the koay teow recipe but the mee hailam, mee bandung and bihoon special. When I asked for the 'pengkeras' they gave me two new books by Nambai! So I had accepted it that at least they gave me something for the 'pengkeras' All is well that ends well! The girls inturn promised to invite me back to the office after they have tried my recipe and maybe we will work together to publish a book on Mak Teh's Recipe in the future! He, he, Look out for it!


  1. you should mak teh! (publish the recipe books) and may be insert some notes to go along with the recipe to make it more interesting!

    i would love to have those pengkeras in return with the recipes that i have (but i only have limited recipes/cooking skills - only the basic ones that my mom taught me)

  2. Yes, sometime in the future I will try to produce one recipe book that will make chef wan jealous! He,he,he.