Tuesday, 31 July 2007

My Nest

Many years back ...........
With my partner, I built my nest,
On a small hill it rests....
Nothing to shout about, my nest,
Looking around ...compared to the rest,
However, it's warm and clean,
with rows of green,
that forms a screen,
So as not to be seen !
It's so enviromental friendly,
that the birds, and squirels,
make a habit to come early,
looking for food, that is free !
In my nest were many ducklings,
grown into swans,
spread their wings,
with destination, across the ocean.
Many make me happy,
some make me wonder,
And raise questions,
which I have no answer!
Somedays the nest is empty,
somedays full of 'quacker'
But it all depends
on the season and weather,
Summer or winter!
Alone in the nest I sit,
thinking of the past and future,
And at times like these,
I really missed,
the ducklings of yonder!
filling the nest with chatter!


  1. Salam Mak Teh ...

    terharu nyer pB baca poem nie ...

  2. I LIIIIIIIIIIIIKEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooo lovely at the same very poignant!

  3. Selamat datang pb, entahlah, tiba-tiba dapat ilham dipagi hari setelah melambaikan anak-anak pergi kerja dan sekolah dan teringat anak-anak yang belum pulang dari luar negri.

  4. OO, thank you! I am glag you like it so much!