Monday, 30 July 2007

Shopping for groceries

Good morning guys! Today is Monday, it is my 'shopping in bulk' day for groceries. I will be going to a wholesaler 'pemborong' to get groceries at cheaper prices. Once you have experienced purchasing in bulk you would hate to buy things 'runcit' (retail). I will give you an example; if I buy the onions (bawang besar) per kg is rm 2.20 (at the pasar or kedai runcit), but if I buy bulk at the wholesaler it will only cost me rm 7.50 per sack (8 kg) i.e. about rm 0.95 per kg. This is just one example, there are many more items that nearly cost double if you buy retail. Sometimes I think that I should be a pemborong and sell the items at cheaper prices and send direct to your homes. ( you may order on line) You will be guaranteed of quality items at cheaper prices than anywhere else ! Maybe we could send to homes in the Klang valley with minimum transport charges. Eh, how about it guys? Then you don't have to worry shopping for groceries! You will save time, energy, parking fees, bad purcase, impulse buying, etc. At the end of the day you will be saving a lot of money! If you think this is a good idea, why not try register with me? Then I will be able to guage the demand for this kind of service. This enterprise may be called 'Blogger on-line groceries' or something like that. He, he this has not been preplanned ! It looks like I got an early morning inspiration. He, he, he, this is one of mak teh's bright ideas ! You will see that mak teh has a lot of bright ideas !


  1. interesting idea. hehe... but then me not in klang. :(

  2. it could work except for the fact that knowing how we shop for foodstuff (and clothings) we need to physically feel the freshness of the stuff we're buying. so, it would take longer to build a confident customer base :D

    i won! i won! eh but i don't want to put up my address in public here. can you like e-mail to me at suhairims [at] gmail [dot] com so that i can e-mail you my address?

  3. kat sini, barang2 is very expensive....

  4. good idea indeed! kalau sundries item memang boleh sangat2 tu! but you've got to charge la delivery order tu.

  5. abi, we always have interesting ideas, but to carry it out is another matter.

    moshi, please put your address as comment entry then it will go to my e-mail address and I wont publish it, Ok?

    mak lang bernasib baik tinggal di Ganu, kat klang valley ni lagi semuanya mahal. kekadang sayur kangkung pun rm 4 sekilo.

    OO, entah sapa pula nak pergi menghantar. Nak hantar acar pun dah pening kepala! He, he.