Monday, 9 July 2007

Enjoyable day

We enjoyed yesterday's outing. The boys had real fun with collecting the durians competition, eating durians to maximum (no limit). Then they went to the goat farm for the kemahiran hidup exposure. After that they had a dip in the stream and built a dam by piling the rocks and pebbles across the stream so as to make the water level higher. Unfortunately while they were having so much fun the rain came at midday while we were about to have lunch. So we had to cut short the outing and promised the students more outings in the near future. Nevertheless it was a happy but tiring day!


  1. makteh...

    masukkan lah gambar2 makteh...mesti cantekkan

  2. Mak Teh blogger baru jadi belum tahu nak masukkan gambar-gambar tu. OO dah ajar tapi belum buat lagi. Macm budak baru berta'tih jalan. Harap mak lang sabar sikit ye.

  3. nak kena tele-conference baru boleh faham camana nak masuk gambar..hehehe..