Saturday, 21 July 2007

My Pendant

Do you remember last week I posted the photos of my children. One of the girls is Lia. She's also known as the 'loket' or pendant in the family. You see I have 9 chilren and they are arranged in such a way that if they stringed like a necklace, Lia falls in the middle like the pendant. My first born is a girl, then I have 2 boys, the 3 girls, then 2 boys, the youngest is a girl. Lia, the fifth child, came in between the 2 sisters. Among my children she's the most ardent horse rider and it goes without saying that she love horses! Have a look at how Lia progressed.

1 comment:

  1. Your "pendant" certainly looks soo lovely!!!!! How I wish I have her slim body..tehehehehehe..kena main kuda jugak kot..hehehehe..

    i think before long you need to upgrade to become mobile blogger as suggested by your son, boleh lah berblog while wallowing in the stream! sekarang dah canggih! just look out for the appropriate tools.