Thursday, 19 July 2007

For the Love of Languages

Today is Thursday again and what does Thursday brings me? Early this morning I had scanned my brain to see my schedule for today. Yes I remember thursday means I have an English class to teach. I love teaching English especially to my Form 1 classes. You see some of them were so engrossed with my teaching that their jaw dropped and mouth openened. At that moment you know that you are a good teacher and you feel the pleasure of teaching. Its funny though, I discovered that I enjoy teching English more than Bahasa Malaysia. Its not that I like Bahasa Malaysia less. it's my 'mother tongue'. It's just that I found Bahasa Malaysia is harder to teach! Of course I love teaching the classic pantuns, the simpulan bahasa and perumpamaan and the essays. Other than that am not so good in my teaching of Bahasa. That reminds me, I should go and do a crash course with puan Adibah Amin. She is reputed to be a very good teacher of both English and Bahasa Malaysia. She has published several books on both subjects.
I have to end here, its nearly time! I am off to my English class!Cherrio and remember to always be good to your mother whoevever and whatever you are!


  1. Thanks for the reminder on remembering mak and be good to mak - I hutang my mak a call.

    On teaching, I still recall the joy when I teach a small group of young children aged 4-12 last year! That is the most cherished moments in my life. I have to admit that even though the monetary value that I got from opening the class is so small but the satisfaction is priceless. Sayang sekali, we have to close the class since tak sempat nak ulang alik and we've been busy to do it part time.

    I am not sure whether I can teach bahasa or not, my bahasa is very rusty! Bahasa pasar bolehlah; Eh, come to think of it, Pn Adibah Amin ada organize course ke?

  2. makteh...maklang pulak...bahasa rojak...

  3. OO, yes teaching is a very satisfying job. I should have been in the teaching line long time ago! But it's still not too late.

    Mak lang, Mak lang pandai masak sebab tu buat rojak. He, he.