Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Things We Do

Good Morning girls! Yesterday morning I was writing about our school MTAQSA, the connection was disrupted. Today I am not in the mood to write about that. Anyway we hope that the article about our school will come out in the September issue of Anis magazine. Today due to our blogger friend Mak Lang wanted information on garderning, I am announcing that my husband will open his website soon, all about garderning. Yes my husband whom we shall call 'Pak Haji Janggut Putih', in short 'Pak Haji' is really a person with green fingers! We will announce the website when ready. So Mak Lang lookout for it. A website for MTAQSA will also be introduced soon. This is for people like mamamia who wanted to know all about our school. We are happy to get a lot of inquiries about our school being a Tahfiz, Islamic and acedemic school with modern outlook. However we are sorry we could not accomodate applicants who do not meet our requirements. You would be surprised that there are many career proffessional parents out there who are unable to take care of their children proper education and upbringing that they are coming to us for help. This weekend we will be seing acouple of parents who are doctors asking for our advice obout their problem teenager. We would like to help but we would not admit her in this special school. So we are looking for people who would like to join us to open another branch of our school, Maahad Tahfiz Vokesyenal. We are also in need of many teaching staff for our present school. Our activities in tne building of these schools are charitable, so if you think you can help us in any way you are welcome!


  1. I have no expertise in islamic teaching hopefully the readers who are can offer a help; and we (non-expertise) can help other way insyaAllah.

    Good thing becasue I buy Anis every month without miss InsyaAllah! Tak sabar nak tunggu Sept issue!

    Pak Haji ada gardening website!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!! *sabar sabar* Seronoknya! May be I can find a way somehow to have some greens at our compound!

  2. Terimakaseh makteh...tentang nak buat website pasal pokok bunga..

    Semalam nak komen tapi tak tau makteh punya URL. Hari dah jumpa terus masukkan kat template! Senang nak blog hop!.

    Seronok baca cerita makteh...

    Soalan maklang tak berjawab lagi, makteh penulis novel apa?

  3. OO, the teachers we need are not only Islamic subjects, we are also in need of science and maths teachers. We welcome graduates from overseas as well.Our students at the end of the day will Alhafiz doctors, engineers, pilots scientist etc and our ulamaks will be knowledgeble in the worldly matters. They will be able to speak english, arabis and bahasa. Wouldn't it be lovely! Wonderful!

  4. Mak Lang setakat ni baru 2 buah buku. Pertama Cowrie Emas terbitkan oleh DAWAMA (DBP) dalam tahun 2005,(boleh cari kedai buku Dewan Bahasa je) kedua IOI Malaysian Anecdotes terbit oleh Alameen awal tahun ini. (yang ni boleh cari di mana-mana kedai buku besar)Cuba lah beli dan baca tak rugi, he,he.

  5. betul maklang, you've got to read the 101 malaysia anecdotes but have yet to read cowrie emas.

    wow mak teh! kalau macam tu i berazam nak hantar anak2 pi sekolah you la mak teh! tapi my kids tak ada basic arabic except yang belajar kat sekolah kafa tu lah.

  6. OO, its very easy to qualify for our school. They need to obtain 4 or 5 As for their UPSR, proficient in Al-Quran reading , passed the Kaffa exam. Knowlege of jawi is a bonus.Most of the students we have now are from parents like you, mostly professionals and overseas graduate. Itu yang membanggakan kerana the new generation parents realize the need of this kind of education. In fact many are asking for our type primary education which we do not do at the moment.