Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Durians are falling!

Hello girls!This morning I received a call from my orchard caretaker informing that the durians has started to fall. Excited? Well, when I was younger we used to make a huge durian feast when there's a good season.We even coined a name for it, we called it ' the durian Q' . The reason for such a name was that we also have a BBQ to feast with the durians. There were about 500 guests. It was once featured in the NST titled as 'The gargantuan durian feast' or something like that. For some years back, we could not do so because we have not much energy left for such functions and many of our friends have moved on, and our lifestyle has also changed. The once upon a time, young upcoming and vibrant couple are no more!
However I have promised our students that we will be taking them to the 'dusun' when durians season is on. So when I got the call this morning my head started to plan and automatically I could picture the durian picnic at the dusun with the BBQ (chickens of course!) not forgetting the pulut santan to eat with the durian. The children will be playing in the stream, but the bigger boys may go to the waterfall nearby. May be I should open the invitation to you guys as well. Not sure how to go about to manage crowds and this dusun is near the jungle with no resort facilities at the moment. Any suggestions?


  1. Now I've talked to you over the phone dah clueless pulak dan address apa..hehehhe..it was nice talking to you...

    oh, i love durian especially pulut durian to be eated with santan! but my hubby hailed from kuala kangsar doesn't familiar with this delicacies and thus he's not taken with this..

    By the way, i remember reading your comments on books - somehow i cannot find the comment! i'll be grateful if you could list that back here..Thank You!

  2. You may look at your page on Friday comes again posted on 8 june.(comments) The Road to Mecca was written by a jew converted to Islam named Muhammad Assad. I love this book and the author. The books on Prophet Muhammad ,many writers, I like the one by Martin Lings.

  3. thank you so much mak teh! I am jotting down these titles and will check the comment once more.

  4. Salam perkenalan Mak Teh,

    Blog hopped dari Onde Onde.
    If only I could join your Durian Q, best nya. The fact that there's a stream & waterfall nearby, buat saya lagi tergoda...

    Is it ok if I link your blog to mine? It would be nice kalau Mak Teh dapat cerita pasal your private school.

  5. OO, you may address me anyway you like. If you dont like the mak cik title and feel you like kakak better follow the alameen people. Ofcourse in blogland I want to be known as Mak Teh! Dont worry about the age, I never get offended.

  6. Salam disambut mamamia! Yes, its ok to link our blogs. I'm still new in this blogging and as such there are many options that I do not know how to do. I would like to share my dusun with you young people. However some people may not like the simlicity of things. So tak berani pelawa lagi. Coming Sunday taking the students. Memang nak cerita pasal my private school in future.

  7. thanx for the verification on the books and your gelaran as well..hehehe..so, mak teh in blogland then and until we meet/talk again then i will check what gelaran most comfortable for me to use :)

    mamamia, i am looking for your link - now i've found it!