Thursday, 26 July 2007

Shopping for Food at Supermarkets.

Today I will be going to the supermarket to shop for food. I do this once a week. Now I would like to share with you something that I have discovered about shopping at supermarkets. First thing is you have to beware of the discount items. They are usually items with near expiring dates. I discovered this when I bought 2 trays of eggs at cheap price last month at a well known supermarket. My maid told me that at least 6 eggs out of each tray were bad. So actually it was not a good buy ! You have to lookout for those items being heaped up, strategically placed to attract your attention, they may be calling out to you "Hey I'm cheap but I am going to the dump tomorrow!"
The other thing for you to beware are cheap items especially vegetables form China, they are dumping it here! With the reports in the papers that they may be laced with chemicles etc, I wonder why the authorities still allow such imports to be sold here! Now we as consumers are urged to be 'intelligent consumers'. So folks beware, it looks like it has become the rule of ancient times 'Buyers Beware'. Nobody is going to take care of you, your safety, your health, or you money BUT you yourself!


  1. makteh, lompat sini frm Onde Onde's blog.U are right, cheap does not mean good. Makteh run a private school ? kat mana ?

  2. adiejin, yes, but sometimes we do not realize that in our quest to get cheaper prices! Kat shah Alam. It will be featured in Anis magazine august issue. So look out!

  3. vegetable from china? example?
    same goes with other things, sometimes when we pay a lit bit more, the items last longer!

  4. OO, sekarang banyak veg ang fruits from china. Dah 2 kali ada article dalam NST about this. That's why I am very careful when I choose to buy veg and fruits. However yesterday, I saw at this supermarket they have labelled home grown veg with our 'malaysian product' logo in connection with our merdeka. So happy shopping jangan terkena! He, he...