Friday, 13 July 2007

The Friday Dawn (Subuh) Prayers

Assalamualaikum! Hello there fellow bloggers! Today is Friday again. Usually on friday morning many of my friends attend the subuh prayers at the big blue mosque. As some of you may have already known that friday subuh prayers is rather special, they have the 'sujud sajaddah'. The 'sujud sajjadah' is special because it is done when the Imam read the 'Surah Assajaddah' in the first rakaat of the subuh prayers. Then come to the ayat 15 that says " Only those who believe in Our Signs, who, when They are recited to them, Fall down in adoration, (sujud) And celebrated the praises of their Lord, nor they (ever) puffed up with pride". So from your standing position you straight away do the sujud and say this doa in Arabic, "Sajadawajhiya lilladzi kholakhohu wasauwwarohu wa syaqqosam'ahu wabasorohu bihaulihi wakhuuwatihi, fatabarokallohhu ahsanulkholoqiin" which means in malay, "Aku sujudkan wajahku pada Allah, Tuhan yang menciptakan aku, yang menjadikan rupa parasku yang memberikan pendengaran padaku, Allah yang Maha Berkuasa, Maha Suci Allah yang Maha Pencipta, maka Dialah sebaik-baik pencipta". After that you will stand up and continue your prayers as usual.
The Imam will read 'Surah Assajaddah'for the first rakaat and 'Surah Al-Insan' for the second rakaat. For you to understand why you do the 'sujud sajaddah' it is better for you to read the two surahs and understand the meaning. If you understand the meaning it will make you cry during the prayers and why you suddenly do the sujud. In the ayat 12 surah assajaddah, it says that, "If only thou could see when the guilty ones would bow their heads before their Lord(saying it) "our Lord we have seen and we have heard; now then send us back (to the world) : we will work righteousness: for we do indeed (now) believe". Of course that will happen in the hereafter and Allah would not send them back to this earth! So be happy (insaf) that we are still alive and could do whatever good that we want to do while still alve on this earth.


  1. Ya Syukur Alhamdulillah we have given yet another day to beribadah to Our Almighty, the Creator Allah swt.

    If one to truly study the meaning of the Al -Quran then there will be less ignorant people on earth. Betapa cantiknya ayat2 Al-Quran dan only orang2 yang ber aqal dan ingin ambil tahu saja yang bakal mendapat manfaat, insyaAllah.

  2. You are right OO, we are human beings and mudah lupa sesuatu jadi walaupun kita tahu hal-hal ini kita harus ingat mengingati. Semoga kita sentiasa dirahmati Allah.